Lin Er pondered for a moment, then slowly replied, “I have my guess, but I don’t know if it is convenient for you two to listen? ”
Li Yongsheng spoke simply, “Just say it, we are all good friends here.”
Lin Er’s face was covered by a silver mask, but it was obvious that he was still a little embarrassed. He was silent for a long time before sighing, ” It’s not that I can’t trust others, but my family is very small and can’t afford too many risks.”
He may have wanted Li Yongsheng to endorse the Lin family, but Guanfeng envoy ignored him at all – he had a very bad impression of the Lin family.
Zhao Xinxin, on the other hand, glanced at him and snorted disdainfully, “The Lin family in Yi’an is only good at this. When they caused trouble in our restaurant, they were very unambiguous.” Are
you worried about causing trouble for the family? Then I’ll tap your feet again!
Chapter 866 Undercurrent:
The second elder of the Lin family mocked Zhao Xinxin, but he couldn’t even get angry.
At this moment, the current Lord of Thunder Valley was already an existence that he could not afford to offend.
But he didn’t say more after all, because the voice of Li Huazhu came from the garden, “Xinxin, let him come to see me.” At
midnight that day, Zhao Xinxin got the news from Li Niang: Qing Qing Weimiao has become closer to the King of Shu recently.
As mentioned before, the Lin family in Yi’an has some relationship with Qingwei Temple. Although the Lin family is only a semi-reclusive family, it is impossible for Qingwei Temple to only associate with reclusive families.
Therefore, the Lin family knew some of the movements of Qingwei Temple, including that Lan Tianzhen, a second-generation disciple of Qingwei Temple, came to Suzaku City.
/Quan Baiyi from Xuannv Palace has more contact with Lan Tianren.
Normally, Taoist temple should not have much contact with the world of mortals, especially officials and royal families, but the positioning of Zisun Temple is rather strange. Although they respect the orders of Taoist temple, they do not enjoy much support from Taoist temple.
Therefore, it is not uncommon for the Zisun Temple to collude with the government. In this regard, the Taoist palace and the government turn a blind eye. As long as the collusion is not too deep, it is not a big problem.
/Lin Er didn’t say anything else, but others didn’t need him to say it – who has no brains?
Even when Master Li Hua told Zhao Xinxin about this, his expression was a little strange, “Quan Baiyi isn’t so bold, is he?” If
Hall Master Quan only made things difficult for our restaurant, it wouldn’t be anything, but coupled with Lan Tianren Living in his house, and Qingwei Temple and the King of Shu were very close, thinking about this causal line carefully, even Li Niang couldn’t help but be a little dumbfounded.
Zhao Xinxin came back to Li Yongsheng again and told the news.
Li Yongsheng was not very surprised by this. There are many lower realms in the immortal world, and there are also many lower realms similar to the