e was willing to search for souls, it would not be difficult to know the truth.
/But how could Qinglong Temple search for souls casually? And attacking the Zisun Temple?
So they rejected this request, but at the same time, they also issued a notice to Songfengguan: You need to take the initiative to prove that you did not do this.
/This request is really a bit difficult. As the saying goes, “It’s easy to say, not difficult to say.” It would be easier for Songfengguan to prove that this matter was done by oneself, but it would be too difficult to prove that it was not the case.
Qinglong Temple was not particularly trying to make things difficult. In fact, Xuanhao Temple and Yinyun Cave suffered a great loss. In order to appease the resentment below, they had to make certain gestures.
Songfeng Temple also reported the whereabouts of all the real people in the temple, as well as most of the powerful cultivators, especially during the time when the two Shifang Jungle cultivators were attacked. detailed.
In short, this matter is showing signs of dragging on, and it is likely to become a major issue and become a trivial matter – Qinglong Temple has begun to try to persuade Songfengguan to pay a healing fee to the two Shifang Jungles. After all, they are in I was attacked when I went to find you.
But Songfengguan is not very happy to accept this statement – they came to us not at our request, but on their own initiative. What does this have to do with us?
It can be seen that Songfengguan is also somewhat resentful towards these two families.
Other than that, there is not much useful news. The blood slaves did send news: the two real people, the hall master of Xuanhao Temple and Yu Hualong, are recuperating in the temple and seem to be recovering well.
Gongsun Buqi looked at Li Yongsheng, “Should we catch this master now, or wait a little longer?”
Li Yongsheng thought about it, and finally shook his head, “Let’s wait a few more days to see if Zhang Laoshi can find out the true identity of the Pai Gang. News about you.”
Sometimes things in the world are so strange. When you don’t want to meet him, this true king will spread his spiritual consciousness unscrupulously and show his existence, but if you really want to find this person, you can’t find him.
The latest development given by Zhang Laoshi is: The True Lord should have restrained his aura. If he no longer actively spreads his spiritual consciousness, then he will have to carefully investigate in Haidai bit by bit.
This is a matter of time and effort. Haidai is a large county. A detailed investigation may not yield results in three years.
Therefore, Zhang Laoshi’s suggestion was: It would be better to abduct Master Yu Hua directly from Xuanhao Temple, maybe we can hook out the true king.
Li Yongsheng discussed with everyone and finally decided to take Gongsun Weiming to Xuanhaoguan to capture people.
At this time, neither Gongsun Buqi nor Scholar Huyan can take action. Once they do, the True Lord’s aura cannot be concealed from the True L