“Money, what money do you need? Are you someone who needs this little money? Don’t think that this sect leader doesn’t know that you are always greedy. Killing one of you will make the Tianjian Sect rich for hundreds of years.”
“Who asked you to put it in the ring? You are not allowed to put it away. You must either carry it, carry it, or buy a stroller.”
At the market, Lu Bei saw everything new. He discovered local specialties with Xuanlong characteristics, processed products or semi-finished products using monsters as raw materials.
From ordinary people’s daily necessities such as food, clothing, housing, and transportation, to the materials needed for monks to refine alchemy and weapons, there are all kinds of things, and there are many strange gadgets that cannot be seen on the market in Wuzhou.
According to the store, the raw materials are all from the front line, 100% natural, born in heaven and earth and nourished by nature. If it is fake, it will be replaced. If it is fake, we will give you ten percent for it.
But in fact, raw materials such as the flesh and fur of monster beasts, tusks ground into daggers, and skulls for casting spells are all sourced from the surrounding mountain gates. It can be checked in black and white by Xuanlong officials. None of the poultry and livestock allowed to be circulated in the market is wild. .
None of them are free range.
The store owner said that the goods came from the front line and were difficult to transport, so the price was on the high side. In fact, he was not wrong. After all, when he made the semi-finished products, he did take them out of the city.
Just outside the city is the front line, so there’s nothing wrong with the higher prices.
It didn’t matter to Lu Bei whether it was expensive or not. Anyway, the wool wouldn’t come out of his body. If he saw something novel, he would just wave his hand and ask Zhan Lexian to buy it.
/Zhan Lexian dared not speak out in anger. As long as Lu Bei didn’t bully his daughter, he would spend every penny he had. He didn’t pay for it either. He exchanged Xuanlong currency on the black market before coming here and smeared the expenses of team building.
Half an hour later, Zhan Lexian, the elder of the Nine Swords of the Tianjian Sect, was pushing a wheelbarrow with two bags hanging on his shoulders. He walked at the front with an expressionless face.
Old man’s cart.JPG
Lu Bei snickered secretly when he saw it. Zhan Hongqu beside him was not happy. When Mu Lichen wasn’t paying attention, he raised his hand and pinched Lu Bei’s arm several times.
That’s too much. That’s her father, and he kills him one at a time. Is there anyone who can kill someone like that?
Seeing that the little secretary + bodyguard were angry, Lu Bei decisively tried to comfort him. When Zhan Lexian wasn’t paying attention, he pressed Zhan Hongqu’s little hand and drew circles in his palm.
The couple were flirting with each other, and the old fath