, King Shu could only think about this complaint and would never dare to say it out loud.
Li Yongsheng returned to Lei Valley again after being away for a month, while Gongsun Buqi also waited in Lei Valley for almost half a month.
Buqi Zhunzheng’s tempering took much longer than that of Huyan scholar, taking a full twenty days.
This is not only about striving for perfection, but also because the soul is relatively delicate and has been damaged once. If you hope that there will be no accidents during the realization of the truth, you must temper it for a while, and you must grasp the sense of proportion and take your priorities first.
After tempering, he began the final preparations to prove his true identity. At this time, a message from Bashu came from Li Yongsheng asking for help. The real people of the Gongsun family unanimously decided not to allow him to go, but to let others come forward – the Gongsun family had not really asked for help for too long. Jun.
Gongsun Buqi was not a hypocritical person, so he patiently adjusted his condition. When he adjusted his condition to an excellent level and could start to restrain himself, more than ten real people from Lei Valley were still busy in Bashu.
/Without permission, he immediately decided: Wait, I will wait until they come back and then verify the truth.
This decision is a little arbitrary. You must know that state is not something you can have, nor can it be maintained at its best at all times.
Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait long, but after about ten days, Lei Gu’s large army returned.
On the day of return, there must have been various celebrations. By the way, let’s talk about the harvest of the trip to Bashu. On the second day, Gongsun Buqi found Li Yongsheng: I am going to prove it. Do you think I still lack anything?
If a master who has once proved the truth asks a real person for advice on such a question, no one will believe it.
Not to mention, what a proud master Gongsun Buqi is?
But he just did it. As one of the most outstanding geniuses in this plane, he could feel very keenly that his opportunity to prove his truth seemed not to be in Thunder Valley, but in Master Li.
There was no reason for this feeling, but he just felt it.
That’s right, the reason why a proud man of heaven is a proud man of heaven is that he is always different from ordinary people.
Li Yongsheng looked him up and down, then calculated again, and said with a smile, “There is nothing missing. I have calculated that tomorrow at noon is the most suitable time.”
Gongsun Buqi raised his hand and spoke respectfully. , “Thank you, Master Li, for your advice.”
Chapter 928:
Gongsun Buqi Zhenzhen is really heard again, but it is much bigger than that of Huyan Scholar.
After Huyan Zhenjun was confirmed, Lei Gu became the place that attracted everyone’s attention. The preparations for Buqi’s certification made a lot of noise. Just think about it and you will know that even Lin Er, who is looking after our restaurant, went there. Bashu, but Gongsun didn