The crazy adventurer immediately assumed a praying posture and said in a deep voice:
“… Taking advantage of the current situation, directly negotiate with the top leaders of the Church of Storms and the Rhoside Governor’s Mansion to exert the necessary pressure… The purpose is to force them to give in and accept the Rhoside people’s concept of governing the Rhoside Islands…
“…The resistance can protect most of the current interests of the Loen people, allowing them to safely deploy troops and extraordinary people to back up Backlund…”
In the clean and tidy altar, Danitz straightened his back after receiving the feedback.
He turned around, cast his gaze at the resistance leaders waiting outside, and said with a solemn expression:
“I have received an oracle.
“God tells us that every one of His people is precious and should not be sacrificed for unnecessary wars.
“We will never start a war lightly, but we will not be afraid of war. In short, we will first try to use the current situation and our power to negotiate with the Loen people and force them to make concessions that can satisfy most of us. If that doesn’t work, Consider war again.
“God said, remember hatred, but don’t let it blind your reason. The people around you and a better future are the most important.”
After becoming a “conspirator”, Daniz found that his ability to make up reasons and persuade others was gradually improving. Many times, ideas would take shape just by opening his mouth.
The resistance leaders such as Karat and Edmonton had deep hatred for the Loen colonists, but Poseidon’s words and Lord Daniz’s words still succeeded in making them waver.
They have a clear understanding of how powerful the “Sea King” is during this period. If the war develops to the point where both sides are red-eyed, the Blue Mountain Island where Bayam is located may be completely submerged by the sea water, becoming Relics, all locals will be dragged and buried.
The strong men of Fusac and Fenebaud are indeed capable of preventing the situation from collapsing, but how much power can they allocate to the fringe battlefield of the Rhoside Islands?
/Karat and other resistance leaders did not believe too much in them. They believed that these guys were no different from the Loen people. They were all bandits from the northern continent and could tear off their masks at any time and become new colonists.
After a moment of silence, Kalat, who was sitting in a wheelchair, looked at the man in a black cloak on the altar and said:
“Lord Daniz, we are willing to work for a peaceful solution.”
He paused and said:
“Intelligence shows that the one who currently has the final decision-making power in the Rhoad Islands is the ‘Sea King’, Yan Cotman. We’d better negotiate with him directly.”
Daniz nodded lightly and said:
“That’s exactly what I thought.
“We need to send someone as plenipotentiary into Bayam to face Yan Cotman…”
He was about to ask who was willing to go, when he sudd