to kill these people to vent his anger.
It really makes no sense for him to do this, but as a prince, he wants to vent his displeasure – you stinky women, if you dare to think about assassinating me, then kill them all.
Only the two female guards will be forgiven. They are very skilled in the art of infatuation. King Qin really couldn’t bear to part with the top-notch weapons, so he spared them.
Mo Zhenren immediately expressed his dissatisfaction and said that since you want to kill them, why not let us take them away? She is not a merciful person, but within the scope of her ability, she feels that these women are relatively pitiful, so she stretched out her hand. .
King Qin was waiting for her to say this. He sneered and said, “So what if you can take them away? They still have their families in my hands. If you take them away, I will kill their families.”
/That’s right, he is such a piss-taker. If you want to make him dissatisfied, he will find ways to get it back.
Even Mo Zhenren, a man with a calm heart, couldn’t help his face sinking, “Is it interesting for you to be so thankless?” ”
Haha, I just want to be happy,” King Qin laughed loudly, with a hint of ferocity in his eyes. , “They are nothing more than a group of despicable people. Anyone who dares to hurt me should die!”
Li Yongsheng found helplessly that compared with most princes, the young emperor did a pretty good job.
After all, I lost my mother when I was young and suffered a lot. This is the wealth I gained while growing up.
He coughed lightly and said, “Your Highness, King Qin, if I were you, I would release the people and their families.”
Li Yongsheng smiled nonchalantly, then spread his hands, “Just don’t regret it.”
“Be brave, Are you threatening me?” King Qin slapped the armrest fiercely, “A dog-like thing, True Lord Yousi, are you going to let him insult and threaten the children of the Zhao family?”
Zhenjun Yousi looked at him coldly, “His words seem to have something to say, you’d better listen more.”
King Qin was moved by this. The words made his face turn red and his neck thicken. He didn’t say anything for a long time and could only look at Li Yongsheng angrily.
Li Yongsheng didn’t even look at him. Why bother with a dying man?
After a long time, an old servant from Prince Qin’s palace stepped forward and raised his hand, “I wonder what this little brother means?”
Prince Qin tilted his head and did not look here. The old servant was an old eunuch who had brought him up since childhood. Although he often scolded him, he still knew in his heart: This was the person he could trust the most, no one else.
He is not stupid. He understood what True Lord Yousi said very clearly. The dignified True Lord would definitely not talk casually. However, he was not angry with Li Yongsheng’s attitude. You are just a junior and a commoner. How dare you talk to me like this?
He knew quite a bit about Li Yongsheng, but even Zhao Xinxin would call him Uncle Wang when she saw him.
Yes, he was injured, but there was alread