large number of manpower to dig up the mountain, and also used a lot of tools to dig out the mountain and turn mud into talismans. In a short period of time, a cave that was more than six miles long was dug out. He had to make a decision on such a major matter.
Therefore, he also knew something about Li Yongsheng, and it was not surprising why this seminarian was called Tongcan.
He glanced sideways at Li Yongsheng, bowed very solemnly, and said seriously, “Thank you, fellow Taoist Li, for saving Li Shu from the fire and water.” ”
The real man is ridiculous,” Li Yongsheng reciprocated respectfully, “I’m just thinking wildly. On the contrary, Yanxia Temple has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to accompany the boy to fool around, so it really cares about Li Shu.”
These are the proper etiquette, and the words are all polite.
“Sure enough, heroes have been born from youth since ancient times.” Master Qi couldn’t help but praise him when he saw that he didn’t have the arrogance of a young man to succeed and behaved well. “No wonder the palace thinks so highly of you.”
Li Yongsheng smiled slightly and didn’t answer – he should how to answer?
At this moment, Li Yufeng spoke, “Master Qi, our Sanmao Temple also has a hand in this matter.” ”
Of course your work will not be in vain,” a female master spoke behind Master Qi.
“It would be great if Master Feng can be considerate,” Li Yufeng grinned, “Can you allow me, the Sanmao Temple, to build a separate temple here?” ”
What do you want?” A master snorted coldly, with a rather ugly look on his face.
This person had a gloomy look on his face from the moment he appeared. Later, Li Yongsheng learned that this person was Chen Jingzhu.
/It is inevitable that Chen Jingzhu dislikes Li Yufeng. He is nothing more than an idiot. Although he does not know how to use resonance and other talismans, but seriously, who can be much worse than the other?
Even though Master Zimo said that Zhang Muzi asked him to find Li Yufeng, he didn’t know what the people from the Arctic Palace wanted to do at first, but Chen Jingzhu also had to believe it, right?
“It is indeed impossible to have a separate view of the Zisun Temple,” Master Zimo nodded. “This place benefits all living beings, and it is in line with the meaning of permanent residence. It is better to start a permanent residence in the ten directions.” What
he meant was that there was such a big movement here. , enough to build another Shifang Jungle – not a lower Shifang Jungle, but a real Shifang Jungle.
This is really not very unreliable. Why do you say this? This platform has been built. The discoverer and designer Li Yongsheng and the organizer Zhang Muzi will leave soon. If the builder Yanxiaguan has no objections, a group of Taoist friends will take over and they can get the approval of the four major palaces. , is the new Shifang Jungle.
Zhang Muzi got the opportunity and went out to announce that those who hurt others and forced their way in were not allowed to enter the ice cave to get wa