ted his strength secretly, and the energy flowed into the body of this cultivator continuously. There was no air flow in the air.
“Hiss,” Li Yongsheng gasped in pain and kept grinning. He was obviously in extreme pain, but he didn’t dare to say anything.
Worse than I thought! Tu Deli smiled evilly and said, “If you can’t help it, just scream.”
It was disrespectful to make loud noises in front of the division commander. He didn’t believe that the other party dared to shout out – even if he dared to shout out, he had an excuse.
Li Yongsheng rolled his eyes and fell to the ground, but there was a hint of joking in his eyes?
/Tu Deli used force on his hands to prevent the guy from falling to the ground, and then began to think about dragging the guy to see Tu Yuanqing – Chief Tu Yuanqing was a low-key and cautious person.
When Tu Deli heard this, his body was agitated, and then he turned around and said with a smile, “It turns out to be the head of the room, Gongyang. This kid broke into the correctional room without permission and made rude remarks. I was about to kick him out.”
Gongyang said . Shi Ai is the head of the Yangzheng Room. It was him talking to Chief Xiao Jiaohua that delayed Li Yongsheng’s entry.
Chief Gongyang didn’t know that there was someone waiting outside. Even if he knew, he would have finished what he had to say – Chief Xiao’s place was already very busy, so it was normal for someone to be waiting.
/He nodded slightly and was about to leave, but the clerk who sent him out glared, “Tu Deli, what are you doing? Let go of Li Yongsheng, Chief Xiao Jiaohua wants to see him!”
Huh? Tu Deli was dumbfounded and opened his mouth, “Does Chief Xiao know his name?”
“Isn’t this nonsense?” The clerk was very angry. He had only been in for a while, but Li Yongsheng was taken care of by Tu Deli. Now, how could he face Chief Xiao Jiao? “This is a guest invited by Chief Xiao.”
“A guest invited by Chief Xiao?” Tu Deli’s mouth opened wider and wider. Finally, he still had some quick wits, “Oh, I just saw this. People are sneaking around and acting suspiciously, so they just want to maintain order.”
“Hey,” the clerk laughed angrily. He raised his hand and pointed at the other person, “In front of the door of Chief Xiao Jiaohua, it is your turn to maintain order in the Yande Office. ?”
The Yande Office is under the management of Lin Jintang. A while ago, Xiao Tianzun and the Yande Office solicited essays under the banner of “caring about their alma mater.” Now a small Yande Office dares to grow up in Xiao Jiaohua Acting wildly at the door is infinitely more serious.
“Hey,” the head of the Gongyang Room heard this, snorted coldly, and said calmly, “Tu Deli, please let this kid go!”
How dare Tu Deli not listen, he let go immediately.
Li Yongsheng sat down on the ground, grinning and rubbing his shoulders.
“Sure enough,” Master Gongyang nodded and looked at Tu Deli coldly, “To maintain order, you still want to secretly hurt people?”
As the director of the County Correctional Center, he is