f the Ren family would not show jealousy, and just said calmly, “It seems that the qualifications are amazing.” “Qualifications
are not everything,” Zhang Muzi spoke loudly, “Opportunities are opportunities, understand? His Chance, there’s nothing more to say.”
The corner of Ren Jin’s wife’s mouth twitched, she couldn’t help but be convinced by chance.
“Mother,” at this moment, Yong Qi came in with Yong Bin, holding a jade bottle in her hand, “I’m pouring tea for Brother Li, can I accept the meeting gift he gave me?” ”
Put it away,” The mother waved her hand. The meeting gift was for collection. The key is that the child cannot receive it without authorization. After asking the parents for permission, they can keep it. This process cannot be omitted. “Thank you, Brother Li. Hey, is it a medicine bottle?”
“It’s a complex gift.” Yanwan,” Yongqi replied happily, her little sister hurt her face, and her mother also knew it.
/“Such a valuable thing?” Ren Jin’s wife was shocked. Of course she knew why her daughter wanted this. “Return it to him quickly. What if I only have one?”
“Brother Li only has one. But his girlfriend still has it,” Yong Bin was beating the drum beside him – if my sister’s gift is returned, wouldn’t my gift be in danger too?
“He has a girlfriend?” Zhang Muzi asked in astonishment, “Why didn’t I, the Arctic Palace, know about it?”
She and Yang Shuji came to Li Yongsheng to investigate, and they must have investigated the issues between the Taoist palace and the government. There are simply too many. Of course, the government has done more to bury nails—I really don’t feel at ease.
However, the government’s nails are often digested by the Taoist palace. This is something that can’t be helped. Although the competition within the Taoist palace is fierce, the chance of promotion is much greater than that of the government.
/The Arctic Palace indeed had the intention to enlighten Li Yongsheng! Madam Ren heard it clearly.
“Brother Li said that men don’t care about this,” Yong Bin called Zhen Lai.
“Brother Li is really a sweetheart,” Mrs. Ren’s wife didn’t know what to say. She had better not get involved in the hint, “Yongbin, what is that in your hand?” ”
Li My brother gave it to me, and I also poured him tea.” Yong Bin stepped forward, with a piece of jade lying flat in his fat white palm, “Can I take it?”
“Eh?” Zhang Muzi raised his hand. , and sucked Yu Jue over, “Are there any runes on it?”
She took a closer look, shook her head, and looked again, “It’s an amulet, but it seems to involve luck. Mrs. Ren, please take a look. ”
Mrs. Ren herself is also a junior cultivator. Although Ren Jin used various connections and resources to push it forward, she still has some eyesight. She looked at it carefully and nodded slightly.
“It can indeed induce luck. I don’t understand that the protection aspect is a Taoist palace method, right?”
“Wonderful, wonderful,” Zhang Muzi slapped his thigh and suddenly realized, “This little girl has no aura and cannot control the talisman. T