“Senior, you”
“Shut up and keep wiping. Don’t leave any dirt behind.”
After a while, Xing Li obediently knelt on the ground, and Shang Gong Jixian folded her arms, looking down at the little black face, wondering what to do.
/Should he kill a hundred people, or should he just let it go and pretend that nothing happened?
Shang Gong Jixian hesitated: “Boy, what’s your name, how old are you, and which elder of the Ciyuan Sword Sect is your disciple?”
“The punishment, the punishment is severe, I’m eighteen, and I don’t have a master.”
“Xing Xingli”
Shang Gong Jixian frowned slightly, what a bad name, but I have to say that he lives up to his name, this kid does have a lot of strength.
He continued: “You can reach the realm of transformation at the age of 18, and you are a good material for cultivation. Who is your master?”
In Shang Gong Jixian’s opinion, Xing Li has already achieved the realm of transformation at a young age, and his talent is definitely at the level of one in ten thousand. The Ciyuan Sword Sect picked up a piece of jade and carefully protected it to prevent him from dying midway and becoming a genius. The name is kept secret.
Yes, that’s definitely the case.
“Senior, I really don’t have any disciples. I am only an outer disciple in Ciyuan Sword Sect, and I have only been building the foundation for a few months.”
It was difficult to explain in detail as it related to Ziwei Dou Shu. He only said that his cultivation qualifications were not ideal. It took him more than ten years to complete the foundation building, and he changed every day after that.
Xing Li said he didn’t know the specific reason.
“Is there such a thing?”
Shang Gong Jixian didn’t believe it and asked Xing Li to explain honestly. The latter used Ziwei Dou to estimate the future and picked the most reasonable one from countless choices.
“It’s probably because of dual cultivation. This junior is a rare genius of Yin and Yang in the world.”
“What’s the meaning?”
“That’s right, that’s what the sect master’s wife said.”
Xing Li put the blame on Su Ling. Because the latter’s mood was stable, the lie was not exposed. Finally, he whispered: “Senior, if you don’t believe it, you can verify the authenticity yourself. I promise that I will never lie.”
Shang Gong Jixian curled her lips and secretly said something obscene.
Knowing that Xing Li was extremely talented and definitely not a thing in the pool, the grievance of losing her virginity was relieved a lot. Now that he can help her up, he will definitely be worthy of her in the future.
Shang Gong Jixian gritted his teeth and said: “True or false, you have the final say with just one mouth. Come here, wait until I verify your true identity and find out that you are lying, then you will be rewarded.”
“Ah this”
/“Come here!”
Shang Gong Jixian took a deep breath. One bite from the dog was a bite, and ten bites were still bites. Anyway, I co