“Uncle Eighth Emperor, your injury is not a concern. Go to the Vermillion Bird Gate to pass on the information about the demon cultivator. Bai Yu and I will go rescue the others,” Zhu Qilan said.
“This plan is not possible.”
Hearing Zhu Qilan’s plan to divide his troops into two groups, Zhu Yi shook his head repeatedly: “Chang Ming didn’t know something, Zhiyuan came prepared. His clones are everywhere in the long yellow sand land, especially the entrance and exit of Zhuque Gate, which are heavily guarded. , Uncle Eighth, my strength is mediocre, if I go there I will die.”
/The implication is that it’s fine if he goes out to deliver information, but the dog man and woman must accompany him to protect him, otherwise there will be no need to talk.
Zhu Qilan fell into silence. Although he was not ambushed before entering and had no sense at all, it was undeniable that what Zhu Yi said was not a random guess.
For a time, I was even more looking forward to the magical power of the Void Refining Realm.
If she advanced to the Void Refining stage, little Lu Bei could suppress him with a wave of his hand, but the defeated general would not be brave enough, so he would not have the capital to jump up and down in front of her.
Even if he is supported by an unnamed emperor and continues to dance shamelessly, he will be a clown at best and there is nothing to worry about.
In line with the principle that if you talk too much, you will miss the mark. Lu Bei never spoke, and he played the role of Butler Yu vividly. Seeing Zhu Qilan in a dilemma, he sent a message: “Cousin, in my opinion, it is easier to get in than to get out of the Zhuque Gate. Your uncle used to be a It’s a pity that he died after finally being saved.”
“Why, my cousin’s uncle is not your uncle anymore?”
“This uncle is not good enough. He doesn’t give red envelopes during the Chinese New Year. He is not worthy of me. You can keep it for yourself.”
The two discussed the plan. There were several other battlefields, and Huangji Sect disciples were running away to death. They first gathered the remaining soldiers and defeated generals, and then sent them out together.
As for the culprit, old monster Zhiyuan, Lu Bei did not mention it, and Zhu Qilan also chose to ignore it tacitly.
boom! ! !
The wild sand exploded, and three figures broke through the dust, flying upside down and creating a big crater.
/Two men and one woman were none other than Zhu Bangbai and his party.
At the White Tiger Gate, Zhu Bangbai and Zhu Qilan had a small friction, received a few punches from Lu Bei, and the front armor deformed, ending in a disastrous defeat.
After waking up, he found that his proud appearance had been brutally destroyed and buried in the ground with only a pig’s head left. He screamed in horror and hated Zhu Qilan even more deeply. He vowed not to avenge this crime and not to be a human being.
Because she couldn’t beat him,