“Okay, have fun!”
The blood-clothed old demon said bluntly: “Recently, the Emperor’s Sect has gone crazy for some reason. They have been attacking me and other fellow demon cultivators everywhere. My old friend Long Quan leaked his whereabouts and died unexpectedly in Ningzhou. , every time I think about sad things, as an elder brother, my heart breaks down with tears.”
/“Let’s be honest, do you want to surround and kill the chief steward or the general of Huangji Sect?” Bai Xiejun said.
“Why are you killing them? I just feel sorry for Longquan’s blood beads. It’s a pity that they didn’t fall into my hands, and I have no intention of helping him get revenge.”
The blood-clothed old devil smiled and waved his hand, changed the topic, and said gloomily: “Two evil monarchs, the place where Wu Zhou is right and wrong, Huangji Sect has no intention of leaving a way for us and others to survive. The three of us discussed it and prepared to change the situation.” I’m going to the far west to try my luck, and I hereby invite two of us to go with you, what do you think?”
Bai Xiejun was stunned when he heard this, and looked at each other with Heixiejun. After a moment, he laughed loudly, with no concealment of his sarcasm, which made all three demons feel annoyed.
Lord Bai Xie pointed his swords at the three old devils in blood: “With your meager skills, you three dare to set foot in the far west. A frog in a well doesn’t know how thick the sky is!”
“Bai Xiejun, I respect you two brothers, not because I’m afraid of you. Don’t push yourself too far!”
“No, no, I don’t dare.”
Bai Xiejun kept laughing, breathless for a long time, and burst into tears. He turned his back to Heixiejun, who had never spoken, and pointed at his back.
A heavy punch landed, and Bai Xiejun spurted out a mouthful of blood arrows, which finally stopped his laughter.
The zombie-faced Taoist shrugged his nose and looked at the blood on the wall. He wanted to lean over and take a lick, but he was worried about losing face.
My mind wandered for a moment, and although I was still at the table, my mind had already left.
“To tell you the truth, my two brothers are not afraid of your jokes.”
Bai Xiejun crossed his legs and said proudly: “My two brothers have been in Wu Zhou for many years and have done many earth-shattering things, but the most proud thing in their lives is in the far west.”
/“Appreciate further details.”
“Escaped the Far West alive.”
“What does this mean?” The coffin board shook.
“What’s the point of living? It’s not like you’re dead!”
Thinking of the silly words of the blood-clothed old demon just now, Bai Xiejun couldn’t help but raise the corner of his mouth. He endured it, but finally couldn’t hold it back and burst into laughter: “You think Wu Zhou is getting more and more difficult to get along with, so you want to go to the extreme west with your whims?” It’s hard to describe how the land dominates and brings blessings. I can only say that Wuzhou is peaceful, our brothers live a v