“Is David dead too?” President Louis suddenly thought of David and asked aloud.
Metcalf’s staff did not respond immediately, but sent a piece of intelligence to President Louis.
This intelligence was an order issued by Generalissimo Andre, ordering David to leave the Tongtuo Star Territory and become a direct subordinate of Generalissimo Andre.
Through this order, it is clear that David must be alive and in contact with Generalissimo Andre.
/“Immediately strengthen the security level. I want the highest level of security defense. In addition, I have to cancel my visit plan. I will not leave the presidential palace until I find David!” President Louis turned pale and quickly gave the order.
He knew that David had wiped out Admiral Longfellow’s family in the tightly guarded ‘Federal Command’. Although there was no evidence for the death of Admiral Los before that, it now seemed that David should have done it.
In addition, David’s character has always been that as long as he becomes his enemy, he will fully retaliate, regardless of whether the person is a soldier or extraordinary, an ordinary citizen or a federal general.
/In David’s hands, two lieutenant generals and two federal deputy commanders died in a short period of time. Such a vengeful character made President Louis worry about his own safety.
Since David can kill so many high-ranking officials, what’s wrong with killing another federal president?
“I have given instructions in advance. The security level has been raised a long time ago, and the review for entering the Origin Star has become stricter. Skynet’s scanning intensity has also doubled. It will be difficult for David to enter the Origin Star, let alone assassinate you. Got it!” Metcalfe’s staff said confidently.
“That’s not enough. Ask the cooperating forces for extraordinary support. The presidential palace must have at least twenty extraordinary guards on duty!” President Louis shook his head and said.
President Louis still remembers that all ten of his extraordinary beings were killed by David alone at an absolute disadvantage.
“Yes!” Metcalf’s staff responded helplessly.
The explosion of Area 101 of the Federal Research Institute had little impact. Most people even didn’t know that there was an Area 101 of the Federal Research Institute, let alone Area 101’s self-destruction.
A week passed and David reached a bottleneck. His strength and fitness reached 8.0, and his body reached its extreme.
David’s strength reached 25,600 kilograms without using special strength-enhancing devices.
His sheer strength is comparable to that of a high-level warrior wearing exoskeleton armor.
Of course, it is not his body that supports this power, but his bones. On the contrary, because his body is too weak, his physical limit has dropped a lot.
Twenty-five thousand six hundred kilograms is the limit th