With this clear and crisp sound, everyone, including the Yushu Dragon King who was saying the word “damn it”, all looked at it at this moment.
So, when the words fell, the raging blood flames evaporated illusoryly from around Yushu Dragon King. When he looked again, it seemed that the sun of blood flames deep in the various cultivation centers began to sense the inside and outside, and all the blood flames appeared. Everything that shines outside is reflected in the figure of the Dragon King.
It seems like the great sun within the great sun, the true sun within the blazing flames!
But in the place, Chu Weiyang had a moment of hesitation. During the previous transaction, the Dragon King gave him a drop of heart blood. In order to make the Jade Snake refining without any trouble, he once said that what he controlled was wood. The power of phase.
Strange, why is the blood flame caused now?
Even if such a transformed demon is enough to dabble in categories other than his own Tao and Dharma, this is after all the time to raise the Mirror Wheel Tao Fruit.
Chu Weiyang couldn’t think clearly, so he had to continue to look, watching the blood flames turn from virtual to real as they steamed, and then the hazy gray smoke, as thick as the power of Sumeru, condensed like immeasurable divine flowers, and looked again At this time, the blood flames and the mist were intertwined, as if they were pieced together into the form of a dragon.
The dragon connected its tail with its mouth, and the loops at the end seemed to form the edge of the mirror wheel. Even though the majestic power in the Dao Fruit was brewing, not even the energy was leaked out.
However, almost at the moment when the mirror wheel was condensed and formed, like a sudden bubble, the edge of the dragon’s appearance suddenly collapsed.
When looking from a distance, it seems that everything is only wrapped in the fierce blood flames.
/But almost at the same time, the true spiritual power of the two Nine Refining Pill Embryos once again blessed Chu Weiyang’s Dao Diagram. The hazy illusion was melted by the power of the two people and the only hole was illuminated in the Toad Palace. Chu Weiyang in front of.
Naturally, those in the Nine Refining Alchemy Realm cannot compete with the great monks in the Golden Elixir Realm, but their cultivation on the road is enough to teach them a glimpse of the changing appearance of the great demon in disguise.
That was the moment when the dragon’s appearance collapsed.
It is the fine scales on the dragon form that are constantly overlapping and blending into the infinite divine flower, like an overlapping talisman array, supporting the Dao Fruit of the old Dragon King.
And on each of the dragon scales, there is a silhouette, like a divine silhouette frozen in time.
These silhouettes were also overlapping, and finally turned into the spiritual light of the old Dragon King.
It turns out that this is the power of