According to this guess, it is reasonable to judge that the experience value of defeating and killing is very different.
“It’s a loss. Xinzun-Jun still lost in that battle and missed dozens of small goals.”
Lu Bei couldn’t help but sigh, and upgraded the Wuxiang Sword Intent to Level 4 with his backhand, integrating the Immortal Sword Intent one step further.
[Immortal Sword Intent·Remnant Level 4 (200w/1000w)]
Immortal Sword Intent·Crane: Immortal and undefeated, eternal, increases the lethality of sword moves by 3000%, current progress (7/9)
The Nine Swords of Immortality combines seven paths. Although the skill level is not high, the killing output of thirty times is really impressive, and the complete body can be expected.
Lu Bei made an estimate and found that there were two sword intentions left. One was the Infinite Sword Intent. Wen Bubei held this sword intention and failed to draw it out in two consecutive defeats. He hoped that it would be an exception next time.
It would be best if tomorrow is the day for everyone to get into a stance, you strike me with a sword, I strike you with a sword, and have a fair and just battle between gentlemen.
/The last sword intention is unknown, and it is not that difficult to imagine. If you are braver, Master Ye of the Lingxin Sword Sect may have this sword intention.
In the array diagram, Lu Bei walked into two private rooms one after another, comforted Bai Jin and She Zhang, and without saying anything else, he replenished his innate Qi and allowed them to continue to retreat.
Outside the formation diagram, Zhu Qilan, who had exhausted his magic power, set up a formation to protect the magic. While using his skills to restore his magic power, he was guarding Lu Bei’s side. He saw him slowly opening his eyes and running his skills with all his strength without saying a word.
Let me go. I defeated a strong enemy and suffered a miserable victory. I almost lost my life. Why don’t you plan to say something?
Lu Bei said it was unbelievable. According to his many years of film viewing experience, there must be a big war after a big war. No matter what happens, there will also be a hug with the ball hitting someone. Zhu Qilan’s performance was too calm.
Lu Bei felt unhappy and stood up in no hurry. He groaned twice, stretched out his hands tremblingly, and coughed: “Cousin, my soul was almost taken away from me. I’m afraid I won’t survive the severe injuries.”
Zhu Qilan’s delicate body trembled, she held the hand that was stretched out to her, lowered her head and said nothing, the black energy running around her body was visible to the naked eye.
Obsessed rhythm.
Lu Bei clenched the catkins tightly, channeling all the demonic energy into himself, and easily killed them all with his demon-killing will.
In the eyes of outsiders, this is a bottomless pit, an insulator that is possessed by demons, and cannot be filled with any amount of demonic energy,