but first
/Five eyes, either cold or charming, fell on Tai Su.
He wants to keep him, tie up the nine-tailed fox clan, and say that no other demon clan can taste the benefits.
Tai Su lived happily in the Nine-tailed Fox Clan, going back and forth between the arsenal and the boudoir day and night. Learning made him happy, but not learning anything made him worried. He was ready to leave the Nine-tailed Fox Clan and go to other monster clan treasure houses for further study.
It didn’t work out, they gave me too much, and I really couldn’t get out.
This made Taisu alert. From the initial five, the vixen secretly added one to six, then to ten, and now to twenty. The team grew stronger, and no matter how you looked at it, he became The rhythm of the family treasure.
This is okay, we must go.
That night, Tai Su killed the fox group with his staff and left the Nine-tailed Fox Clan alone, heading for the nearest ancient emirate capital.
The founders of the country were the Lu Wu clan, who had extraordinary blood and talent. They had always been the main fighting faction against the human race. The national destiny had been passed down for thousands of years, and there were many books in the arsenal. They were Taisu’s first choice after leaving home.
She has nothing to do with the clan leader and king Lu She. Tai Su has never heard of the rare beauty that the Lu Wu clan has seen in thousands of years, and doesn’t take it to heart at all.
Three days later, Tai Su came back depressed. He had good books and a large and spacious arsenal. However, the king, Lu Zhen, was too ascetic. He wore a charming and beautiful face, but he was actually a beast walking on four legs.
Good guy, touch it, it’s all hairy.
This is true for everyone in the Lu Wu clan, and Lu She, who cannot be stubborn, is even more pure-hearted and stoic, which does not conform to the philosophy of the Golden Crow and the Great Sun. He completed his training as quickly as possible and returned to Nine-Tails as quickly as possible. The fox clan’s residence.
That night, the guests enjoyed themselves.
After suffering a loss once, Taisu became more honest. He no longer said that the world was a big place. He wanted to go out and see it.
He honestly guards dozens of vixens, leading a boring and boring life.
At first glance, it seems that this bird is an honest bird and will not go anywhere as it is tied to the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan. However, this is not the case. It is too idle and wants to go outside every day.
He was very convinced that this had something to do with his bloodline. In his heart, Jinwu was a bird that couldn’t rest still.
Also, I haven’t had a fight for a long time, and my fists are itching badly.
On this day, a big bird landed outside the Nine-tailed Fox Clan’s residence.
The ferocious bird with an astonishing wingspan has plump wings, resembl