No one would have thought that the southern Tianye was not the south of the Chalcedony River, but the south of the open sea!
And under the light of the southern sky, in the vast sea, God knows, how many tribes of demon cultivators, and how many dojos of transformed demons, are all built under the waves, and under the dojo of Yunfu Palace. .
If it were an ordinary sect, it would actually be nothing.
Hundreds of realms of cloud boats hang alone outside the sea, and all the great demon ninjas who have transformed can endure it.
However, Yunfu Palace is the sect that is best at fortune-telling, divination, prediction, and deduction. Such a sect has been hovering above the head of the family for an unknown number of years.
This Yuanmen sect, this sect that relies on the power of fortune-telling as a way to practice, this kind of monks who have always behaved badly.
If they had never touched the fortune power of the tribes in the outer sea, they would be damned!
/Moreover, if the mountain gate falls to the world at this moment, if it really falls, it is unknown whether the mountain gate of Yunfu Palace can still exist, but in the real process of the earth falling apart, the tribes and tribes in the south of the outer sea will probably suffer! Even the blood descendants who died in it were far better than a disaster!
Therefore, the roaring voice was far more than just Old Snail Saint.
At this moment, a succession of transformed monsters appeared from the south of the outer sea, and in an instant they rushed straight towards the huge silhouette that fell into the world!
Now that the fall of the great sect’s dojo has become a foregone conclusion, then a group of transformed demons must kill this mountain gate to pieces before it falls to the world!
However, the monks of Yunfu Palace may not have expected such a sudden change. And when they were panicking, how could they be willing to teach a group of big monsters to blow their own mountain gate into pieces.
So, in an instant, several qi machines of the golden elixir realm great monks soared into the sky from the thick and turbid clouds!
But it was already very difficult to hold the mountain gate, and the remaining cultivators had to face the menacing Wushu Demon outside the sea!
And at this moment, Chu Weiyang seemed to gain some insight from the process of caring from a distance.
The next moment, all the thoughts and thoughts of the Taoist disappeared from Shi Yuting’s Niwan Palace like a tide.
/Immediately afterwards, an inconspicuous gray light shone out in the pouring wind and rain south of the outer sea.
In their rage, the transformed demons seemed to have paid no attention to this subtle change. Until the next moment, Chu Weiyang put on a mysterious robe, held up the Five Yun Tianluo Umbrella in his hand, and stepped out in one step. Arrive at the left side of a great demon in disguise.
The demonic glow of the big demon looked slightly dim even in the wind and rain. When you look carefully, there is only a