Therefore, Chu Weiyang recorded the classics and was able to name the Dantai realm. It was possible or impossible. Because the treasure could not be denied by itself, he acquiesced in evolution.
But at this moment, when “Jade Book” noticed that there was someone outside the circle nearby who wanted to add his name.
/At the same time, there are things that are possible and impossible outside of the alliance book, but this time, the “Jade Book” has a name, and the “Nine Heavens Rank Map” has been compiled. This three-yuan ultimate world has Chu. Weiyang, the real person who is not a real person in form and spirit!
OK? Or not?
The Taoist held his pen and looked in the direction of Uncle Shang from a distance through the gap in the hanging wall.
Can? Still not possible?
Chu Weiyang rarely fell into hesitation.
In terms of friendship, there was only one transaction between Chu Weiyang and Uncle Shang. They had never crossed paths before, and they never had any grudges later on.
Coupled with Uncle Shang’s words, Chu Weiyang was taught to record Taoist classics, and there was a good relationship between them.
Logically speaking, there should be no measures to block people’s way.
Moreover, at this moment, a far greater momentum than Shang Bo’s leap out of the fence was heard from the extreme depths of the outer sea.
At this moment, Chu Weiyang’s divine form was blessed by the supreme power of “The Book of the Qionglin Yujing Alliance of Gods”. At this moment, all the images of heaven and earth moved according to Chu Weiyang’s thoughts, plus the nine folds The reflection of the supreme pupil technique of the talisman’s circle is enough to teach Chu Weiyang to easily see the scene in the deepest part of the outer sea.
It is the nine-fold altar wrapped in the blood flames of the blazing sun. It is the scene of the old dragon king standing on the altar evolving into the five elements of life. It is the power of the life and death cycle connected by the withered and prosperous artistic conception.
Shang Boshang had only taken one step beyond the barrier, but Yushu Dragon King had penetrated completely into the back of the door, trying to stay firmly in that area.
Perhaps there is a bottleneck in the step of completely transforming into a real dragon, and this process is still a little slow, but the process of Yushu Dragon King itself is still firmly ahead of Shang Bo.
At the same time, in the vast outer sea, all the diffuse blood energy that could be seen, regardless of the human race or the demon race, all turned into bloody red clouds at this time, and poured towards the nine-fold altar.
This blood sacrifice condensed the blood and power of the entire outer sea disaster, and the crimson glow that dyed almost half of the sky made Chu Weiyang feel at this moment that not only the prosperous scene itself, but also the round With the five elements flowing smoothly, it is difficult to see the possibility of Yushu Dragon King’s failure.
Perhaps Uncle Shang should be