“The True Realm of Taixuan”
At this moment, Chu Weiyang was convinced that there was no misunderstanding or ambiguity between Shang Bo’s outside world and the outside world he understood.
The realm of the Three Yuan Extreme Reality and the Realm of Taixuan Total Reality.
Such a name is undoubtedly the same standard for the world.
And it was precisely because of this that when Chu Weiyang almost subconsciously developed his charm again, he asked the “Jade Book” what the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths were.
The charm was reflected, but “Jade Book” did not respond for a long time.
Obviously, such a problem has nothing to do with this matter, and the “Jade Book” itself does not have a truly vivid and divine aura.
One breath, two breaths, three breaths.
At this time, only three breaths had passed before the Yunhai Qingtian talisman pen in Chu Weiyang’s hand truly transformed into a spiritual object.
Seeing such a change in Chu Weiyang’s expression, even the dullest monk suddenly understood what kind of change this was, sensing the aura of unity between heaven and man emerging again in Chu Weiyang’s hazy illusion.
Not to mention Uncle Shang.
Especially when he saw Chu Weiyang’s eyes looking around, then falling on him for a long time.
A flash of enlightenment taught Uncle Shang that he still had the opportunity to become enlightened, right before his eyes!
This will be your last chance.
And the key to gaining the chance of enlightenment, at this moment, does not even lie in practicing the law, but in Chu Weiyang!
It lies in how to persuade Chu Weiyang with words so that the only “real person” in the world can be convinced.
As for a great monk in the golden elixir realm like “Uncle Shang”, his mind is so spiritual that he can suddenly understand what Chu Weiyang is thinking with just a moment of empathy.
“Fellow Daoist Chu, in the past, the supreme secrets lingered in this world, separating the ancient and modern worlds. Now, even the mysterious realm above the golden elixir was brought by me! If I have evil thoughts in my heart, why should I put these Will you tell everyone present about the matter?”
“I didn’t expect, I didn’t expect at all, that this place is already the realm of the Three Yuan Realm. But Pindao swears by the Taoist Fruit, we really have traveled all the way across mountains and rivers to come here. This is a region that is truly connected to each other on a practical level. !I always thought that this place is still a mixed world.”
“That’s not the case. I would rather not integrate the Dao Fruit into this corner of the world so early!”
“But I have absolutely no intention of ruling alone for the rest of my life! I have absolutely no intention of worshiping and being the ancestor here and wreaking havoc! I have absolutely no intention of doing so.”
“I understand, saying this, the words are actually very pale! I can swear an oath! I swear an oath with Dao Fruit! I swear an oath with my life!”
/“As long as Fellow Daoist Chu can tr