In an instant, Taiyin evil energy spread out from Chu Weiyang’s palm.
Immediately afterwards, with the operation of the wonderful method of “Dharma of Heaven and Earth”, all the overwhelming Taiyin evil energy was swallowed up by Chu Weiyang!
At first glance, the dark gold color of the Taiyin Refining Mysterious Coffin that Chu Weiyang knocked in the palm of his hand had been suppressed to the extreme, and all the talismans and seal patterns on the entire body were the transformed Taiyin. The evil light.
At this moment, feeling the refining and replenishment of his Qi, Chu Weiyang looked at the mysterious coffin in his palm and felt some unspeakable comfort, but at the same time, he felt as if he had forgotten something.
But soon, such thoughts disappeared from Chu Weiyang’s thoughts and were forgotten by the Taoist.
Qianyuan Jianzong, Jieyun Peak, in the underground palace.
The mysterious coffin, which had been lingering and covered by the cold air for a long time, was quietly placed there.
It seemed that there had been no movement for a long time.
And in this long silence, suddenly, the mysterious coffin shook violently for an instant, and then everything returned to normal.
At first glance, it looked like a feeble struggle, or an unconscious twitch when someone was already on the verge of death.
But in the long silence, the chill was even worse.
The focus is not on the faint thread, but on improving yourself.
In fact, until this moment, it seems that the three elements of spirit, energy and spirit are still intertwined and resonating in a certain field. In the Golden Red Banner and the Mountain and River Sword Realm, Chun Yuzhi and Xiao Yuluo are in the same golden elixir realm. The great monks all breathed a sigh of relief.
/Until this moment, Chu Weiyang’s various mysterious realms truly meant that Chu Weiyang’s various processes in the realm of tapping the golden elixir were all safe.
As a result, Chun Yuzhi dispersed a ray of phoenix nirvana flame that had been condensed for a long time and was ready to go out. It was full of the power of Chun Yuzhi’s own golden elixir and Dao fruit. As long as Chu Weiyang’s cultivation promotion had not the slightest Chun Yuzhi would take action on his own if there was any disharmony, using the power of his own Tao Fruit as fuel to ignite the power of Phoenix Nirvana and reshape Chu Weiyang’s body and spirit.
The sudden relaxation of the heartstrings caused most of Chun Yuzhi’s thoughts and thoughts to return to their original places. Under the furnace of Qiankun Dharma, Chun Yuzhi once again penetrated into the profound realm of selfless practice with all his mind.
/This is not only that Chun Yuzhi is still continuing to cultivate the golden elixir realm itself, but she is also sorting out the various aspects of aura and charm that Chu Weiyang’s advancement to the golden elixir realm has brought to