Such rubbings and supplementary volumes do not belong to any world or any Taoism, but only belong to Chu Weiyang himself.
At this moment, there is no need for anyone to give any additional advice. Anyone who can understand the seal patterns can understand what these three pages mean.
And it is precisely because of this that Chu Weiyang raised his head in unprecedented astonishment and looked at the “Jade Book” that hung above it and shone with a lively glow for a long time.
/Can such rubbings and supplementary volumes really be within the category of gifts given to a certain monk by the “Jade Book”?
The so-called ancient Yujing Qionglin Alliance Book is just like Chu Weiyang used the power of heaven and earth to kill Uncle Shang with one stroke. It should have certain rules and frameworks.
And it was precisely following this idea that the moment Chu Weiyang was born, he subconsciously activated his spiritual thoughts to explore the “Jade Book”.
A certain hazy and fuzzy aura of heaven and earth instantly returned to Chu Weiyang’s thoughts and thoughts.
And almost as an afterthought, Chu Weiyang realized again that in fact, there is no Yujing Qionglin in this three-yuan ultimate world, and this ancient world is not where Jiutian is. At this moment, the light is shining on Chu Weiyang The “Jade Album” in front of you is the real rubbings and supplementary album.
The jade-leaf and golden paper that I possess are the rubbings among the rubbings, and the supplementary volume besides the supplementary volume.
The real Yujing Qionglin, the real majestic Nine Heavens, have all disappeared in that ancient era.
This is indeed the lack of some ancient rules, but Chu Weiyang can also realize that this is also because he is born and established in the Three Yuan Realm, and this world has not yet completely restored the ancient times. Because of its original appearance.
The connection between the birth of life and the lack of rules makes it possible to give gifts without scruples.
However, the ancient original appearance has not been restored, which makes the spiritual charm of the Dajie Taoism lack the necessary “restraint” in the face of Chu Weiyang’s rich merits.
Even under the premise that the rules of the ancient times are missing, such a gift itself may be unique and have characteristics that cannot be copied.
For example, the origin and aura of heaven and earth in the Yuping Realm of the ancient Shangqing Dynasty, which was intact in the past, seemed more or less “reserved”. Even in the face of Chu Weiyang’s boundless merits that spanned a realm and were destined to last for eternity, It’s just a reward with a name, a dojo, and an innate spiritual mine.
From this point of view, the Sanyuan Jizhen Realm, which is still in the process of recovery, still has a long way to go.
But the reward itself was enough to make Chu Weiyang overjoyed.
Especially after such spiritual thoughts were tra