In fact, Chu Weiyang had already understood why Gong Wanzhu was so eager for the charm revealed in the scriptures that Chu Weiyang had used as “bait” earlier.
/Because of the uniqueness of the Gong family’s bloodline inheritance, there is a demonic vein in the Gong family’s bloodline. The things about the ancestors are not things that can be explained clearly in a few words, and after possessing the demonic vein, you can practice The Taoism of its sacrificial lineage, whether it directly traces the desolate artistic conception of ancient times, or finds harmony between the ancient clumsiness and barbarism at the purely sacrificial level.
The disciples of the Gong family are often able to make rapid progress on the path of cultivation that ordinary people cannot match. However, it is precisely because of this that whether they succeed or fail in this demonic vein, once they make the fastest progress, After reaching the golden elixir realm, it is almost impossible for the monks of the Gong family to go through the original journey of changing the animal form through the Hunmen method.
Therefore, one generation of the Gong family can often create many great monks in the golden elixir realm of multiple orders of magnitude, but almost 99% of the great monks will be in the process of changing into animal forms, unable to withstand the test of truly pure animal transformation. Almost no one in ten can return to the human body after transforming into a ferocious beast.
Among the previous generation, there was only one great monk like the ancestor of the Gong family who had completely completed the golden elixir path. However, it seemed that he also had a difficult time on the path of returning to the human body, exhausting his foundation and talents. In the end, it has stopped at the peak of the Jindan realm, with no progress.
Therefore, for others, this sutra written by Chu Weiyang is the icing on the cake, but for Gong Wanzhu, it is a good way to change his destiny!
Success is also a black fox, failure is also a black fox!
At this moment, Gong Wanzhu looked at the blood flames and the vivid black fox spirit in the blood flames. In an instant, Gong Wanzhu seemed to have all sorts of throbbing emotions pouring out of his mind.
The next moment, with the reflection and pull of the halo behind Gong Wanzhu’s head, and then with the sudden leap of the black fox spirit form, it seemed that the spirit of blood flames was using a wide and fluffy fox The tail stirred the blood flame itself, and in this moment, everything jumped into the halo of Gong Wanzhu’s achievements.
In an instant, as Gong Wanzhu’s figure trembled, all the surging emotions just now disappeared.
Violent, far surpassing the pain Chu Weiyang had to go through earlier when he was refining the Zhoutian meridians, it penetrated from the roots of Tao and Dharma, towards the three elements of essence, energy and spirit, towards the origin of form and spirit. .
In the moment of radiance from the inside out, and because the supreme Tao