In one breath, thirty-six tribulation thunders fell in almost no particular order in the densest thunderstorm!
Of course, this will eventually fall into the world in the form of thunder. When you feel it carefully, for a top-notch god-level real person, you can still feel the subtle difference between before and after.
Therefore, in the midst of real lightning and stone fire, Zen Master Yuehua, who was standing on the 12th level lotus platform, was shocked and frightened but still took action decisively without hesitation.
The hazy moonlight was like some kind of cold fireworks at this moment, steaming up from the figure of Zen Master Yuehua in an extremely contradictory way.
/The practice of the path of transcendence of a real person in the realm of gods is not just a matter of simply studying the Tao and Dharma through years and years. In fact, Chu Weiyang is making progress, and others are also exploring the future of Tao and Dharma in their own different ways. road.
This is what Zen Master Yuehua is like today. This is a contradictory feeling that Chu Weiyang had never seen from a Zen master in the past.
Chu Weiyang thought of the past, and thought of how he had delayed the pursuit of Zen Master Yuehua by revealing part of the essence of the Hunmeng Dharma when he was escorting the Nine Chambers of Baoxian back to its original position. During the process, Zen Master Yuehua’s divine origin was once shaken by the overwhelming torrent of memories and the so-called forbidden method.
Looking at it now, the shock in the past never really caused Zen Master Yuehua to fall into a state of pure insanity.
Buddhism has extremely brilliant insights into the nature of mind.
On the contrary, Chu Weiyang’s actions in delaying Zen Master Yuehua in the past were like a “kalpa”. Through the test of that “kalpa”, Zen Master Yuehua truly embarked on the path of all appearances and non-appearances.
This manifestation of the power of the moonlight, which is like a cold firework, is the Zen master’s exploration on this path of various appearances and non-appearances. The essence of the contradictory appearance is also a certain way of Taoism. The embodiment of the essence.
In fact, Chu Weiyang felt that this was actually some kind of right path.
Just like the process in the past where the “Lingxu Wanmiao Dao Sutra” was used to cite creation and vitality, teach the three residual souls in the gray red jade mirror to combine and refine the three elements, and then create the wonderful tree Dragon King Buddha.
Perhaps one day, Zen Master Yuehua will truly gain insight into the more true and essential level among the various forms, and be able to truly break away from the influence of the divine essence of the animal form, and completely blend all the aspects into one form.
At that time, Zen Master Yuehua may not be able to return and see the original self, but he can se