There are very subtle differences, but what is deduced are ten thousand dragons with different essences.
But even with this difference between the two, Chu Weiyang could realize that those wandering in the sea of ??mist were undoubtedly the real Ten Thousand Dao Dragons, and they were the real ones who were stationed in the realm of demons and gods. dragon!
/This also proves from another direction that Chu Weiyang’s understanding of true dragons, dragon shapes, and the essence and essence of this tribe is that they naturally have both in the process of shaping their shape and quality. The perfect integration of the two charms.
Chu Weiyang’s penetration of the charm is not to shape something from scratch in the essence of his form and spirit. Chu Weiyang’s penetration of the charm is more like radiating the two original elements in the true dragon’s bloodline. Some kind of silent instinct that combines with each other.
And in this process, the subtle deflection between the two phases actually further proves that the true dragon bloodline itself is extremely malleable, and that on the path of Taoism and Dharma cultivation, it has a profound impact on all things. More possibilities for interpretation.
Of course, no matter how it evolves, the path that Fan has traveled will ultimately leave a very deep imprint on him.
From the beginning to the end, the essence of the ten thousand dragons has been restored, but the pale color of its appearance has never faded. Even because of the subtle deviations in the essence, if it is said that the demons of Chu Weiyang and Taiyin worship the Holy Heaven, The ten thousand dragon forms and the mysterious color embody the pure words that purify all evil spirits and become Taiyin.
So at this moment, the all-appearing pale dragon is raging in the foggy sea of ??the turbulent world. Its pale color reflects the pure and extreme turbidity of all evil spirits, which is the true nature of turbid evil.
Even after returning to the original source, after smelting all the flesh and blood of the ferocious beasts he had swallowed and refined earlier, and extending his own bloodline, the turbid and evil nature of these ten thousand dragon forms has made far-reaching benefits.
Now when he looked again, among the more “pure” paleness that appeared in front of Chu Weiyang’s eyes, what was reflected in the monster bodies of the real dragons were almost like pale jade scales.
Of course, at this moment, in the hands of Chu Weiyang, what really regained a different kind of vitality by following the principle of returning to the original is only the ten thousand dragons in this sea of ??fog.
At the same time, in the swirling and circling wind that was full of various appearances and full of the charm of the Taishang Bagua Furnace, the mottled chains that originally penetrated the ten thousand dragon appearances all collapsed in thi