Of course, this is only the case for David. The power of blood of other trainee knights is only a small part of the pattern at this time.
“Baron Arthur, has a pattern formed in your body?” Knight Ezed asked softly when he saw David opening his eyes.
“Yes, what does this pattern mean?” David nodded and asked.
“I don’t know what the patterns in your body are. This is the secret of each person’s technique. If you want to understand the patterns, go and learn pattern science. However, pattern science is the inherited knowledge of alchemists. We knights Even if you have enough energy, you don’t have time to learn the knowledge of an alchemist!” Knight Aizeard shook his head and said.
“What does the pattern do?” David asked again.
Knight Aizeard was an enlightened knight invited. If David didn’t know something, he asked immediately. Anyway, he paid the divine gold coins.
“Patterns have basic effects and additional effects. The basic effect is that no matter what kind of knight pattern it is, it has the effect of improving strength, physique, and speed. It’s just that different patterns have different focuses.
The additional effects are based on the characteristics of the skills. The knight patterns produced also have special effects. For example, the effect of the top fire skills is to add a burning effect to every attack. Of course, this kind of skills is extremely rare. , normal knight patterns only have basic effects! “Ezzed Knight patiently explained for David.
/David nodded. He knew that the knight pattern on his body would have to be studied slowly.
“Leopard Breath Breathing Technique” is just a knight’s training inheritance, and does not record the corresponding training experience.
If old Baron Luce had not died, he might have been able to explain to David the effect of the knight pattern generated by the ‘leopard’s breath breathing method’.
“Baron Arthur, what percentage of the knight’s pattern does the blood power in your body account for?” Knight Ezed asked curiously.
Judging from the energy that David absorbed just now, Knight Ezed understands that the blood power in David’s body is probably far beyond the top blood power talent mentioned before.
/Therefore, the Ezed Knight particularly wants to know the specific values ??in order to accurately understand David’s true talent.
“What percentage of the knight’s pattern is the power of blood? Isn’t the knight’s pattern entirely composed of the power of blood?” David asked instead, not understanding the meaning of Knight Ezed’s question.
Knight Ezed’s eyes widened, showing an expression of disbelief.
He didn’t believe David was lying, because David had just started knight enlightenment, and he didn’t know what the knight pattern should look like before, so the situation David told could only be the actual situation inside David’s body.
When David saw the look of Knight Ezed, he understood that he had just said the wrong t