The vigorous and powerful beating of the crimson heart chamber sounded like thunder in Miss Qinghe’s ears.
The same “Five Zang Food and Qi Essence Technique” circulates in the five zang chakras. After all, the fire in the stove is falling in Jiang Palace. It is just a coincidence. At this time, Qing He is taking Chu Weiyang’s Xuan Ming Pill. The treasure medicine refined by Ding Yili can be heard in the ears that belong to the heart chamber of Chu Weiyang Jianggong.
The unique meaning is intertwined and resonates inside and outside Qinghe, as if the inside and outside are interacting with each other.
Suddenly, the tiredness in Miss Qinghe’s mind disappeared.
Cold and heat flowed alternately in her life. At first, the precious medicine fell into the alchemy cauldron in the stomach pouch, and immediately turned into hot magma and rose up; then, the sound of Chu Weiyang Jianggong reflected in her mind, and again It turned into a wisp of cold clear water and sprinkled sweet rain on the spiritual platform.
Some kind of throbbing originating from the root of Tao and Dharma made her curl up in Chu Weiyang’s arms, but she was trembling for no reason. Finally, the throbbing flowed to Qinghe’s limbs and bones, and she suddenly felt in the meridians around the sky. It’s all a numb feeling.
Sweat beads soaked her thin clothes, and in just a few breaths, bursts of rich floral fragrance filled the whole room.
If taking the precious medicine earlier was just to teach Miss Qinghe to see the possibility of finding a unique path, Qinghe at that time could still calmly realize that from now on to the golden elixir realm, there is still a very long road. way to go.
/Suddenly, when Chu Weiyang woke up from the process of refining the precious medicine, when he looked down again, he saw Qing He lazily curled up in his arms, having fallen asleep at some point.
She might be dreaming, but she didn’t know what she was dreaming about. Even in her deep sleep, she had an innocent smile on her lips.
Chu Weiyang stared at the beautiful scenery in his arms. Perhaps it was only at this time that he could truly see the grace and grace of the person in front of him, the true innocence that she should have at her age.
So, Chu Weiyang gently rubbed Qing He’s soft and silky hair, without any intention of getting up, and carefully took out the jade talisman from his arms to look at it.
His mind penetrated into the jade talisman, and suddenly, the endless words turned into a torrent, reflecting into Chu Weiyang’s mind.
At the same time, Chu Weiyang’s mind was focused on the text, and he immediately saw the feats of defending the city recorded in the jade talisman.
There are three records of Xun and Ren, and four hundred and sixty-eight of Gui.
The honors recorded in Daocheng are divided into ten grades according to the heavenly stems, A, B, B, Ding, Wu, Ji, Geng, Xin, Ren and Gui. Among them, grade A is the highest and grade Gui is the last.
There are also a thousand Dao Gui and