But at this moment, Zhang Du shook his head.
“No, it’s not appropriate to have a drinking party or a banquet. There’s no point in tossing people’s interest like this. No matter who looks down on someone, or who drinks too much and slanders someone, in order to unravel the contradictions of cause and effect, I think it’s better to go to the Altar of Death. Come on, you can fight to the death if you really want to, but if you don’t want to fight to the death, with the protection of the Dharma altar, you can let go and fight, and in the end it will just be a matter of victory and defeat.
/When he finished speaking, Zhang Du turned his wrist and held a jade box in his palm.
And this series of fights not only blocked Chu Weiyang’s retreat, but also made Guo Tan’s eyes light up because of this spiritual material, without any possibility of discussion.
But at this moment, an alarm bell suddenly sounded in Chu Weiyang’s mind!
kendo! Poison! Lei Dao! Thunder body training!
He is also the “Swordsman Prodigy” who possesses the Twenty-Four Sword Intentions!
He is even nicknamed the Five Poison Taoist!
He also used his thunder method to defeat Cheng Xuanzhong, a monk from the Five Elements Sect!
What’s more, the “Taiyin Thunder Pond Dragon Marrow Refining Code” uses the spinal vertebrae to open the thunder pond and nourish and refine the bones. This is also a method of thunder body training!
Plus the Cold Thunder Jade Lotus in Zhang Du’s hand.
Almost instantly, Chu Weiyang’s heart palpitated and he could hardly breathe.
He just felt that there was a big airtight net, and he was tightly wrapped in it.
This kind of wrapping will make you suffocate! It seemed as if I was looking in all directions at this moment, and behind every pair of eyes there might be a kink in this big net.
Intuition told Chu Weiyang that there was a game hidden in this cocktail party, a game aimed at him.
Zhang Du?
It’s unlikely. Chu Weiyang always felt that because of the few interactions today, this Huang Huazong’s Taoist, domineering and arrogant character has all been revealed, but if you want to teach him to play some conspiracy, I’m afraid I just don’t have the brains.
So who could it be?
What is the purpose of framing yourself in this situation?
Making money? Or kill someone?
In this flash of lightning, there were too few details that could give Chu Weiyang insight, and Chu Weiyang couldn’t understand the problem.
At this time, Zhang Du’s voice continued to sound.
“Both of you?”
When the words fell, it was as if a string broke from Chu Weiyang’s mind.
It doesn’t matter, don’t dwell on things you don’t understand. Doing so will only lead Chu Weiyang into wrong corners and blind alleys if he can’t come up with the correct answer.
Chu Weiyang fled ninety thousand miles from the Demon Suppressing Cave. This journey to the end of the world was not something he could just imagine with his brain.
When a game reaches the end, no matter how bad it is, it is nothing more than facing another life-or-dea