But if the total level is 130, or if he breaks through the Tribulation Stage and reaches 140, the feedback skill points will be even more impressive. Even if there is another fragment of the Book of Heaven, he will have enough confidence to learn.
Breaking through the tribulation stage is temporarily satisfying, but the experience of determining defeat and killing is greatly reduced, which is very unpleasant.
The question is, to upgrade or not to upgrade?
To be fair, skill points are worth more, and Lu Bei tends to break through the tribulation period overnight.
But experience is also very valuable. Once you break through, you will not be able to make as much money as you do now if you encounter opponents at the integration level in the future, whether you defeat them or kill them.
As for powerful enemies during the tribulation period,
Wu Zhouming’s tribulation period on his face has almost been completed. How many surrounding Qi Yan, Xiong Chu, and Xuan Long can have together? If rounded up, the loss will be more than tens of billions.
No matter how you look at it, it’s a loss-making business.
Hard to choose.
“Wait a moment, the current means are sufficient, but if it doesn’t work, it won’t be too late to break through on the spot when encountering a strong enemy.”
Lu Bei put down the sub-professional skill book, took out the magic weapon and began to refine it. The battle flag was integrated into the Fan Tian Seal, which promoted it to the fourth level of transcending tribulation. When it was Higanbana’s turn, he hesitated for a moment.
This treasure is entrusted to the soul. It can protect your life by escaping into the void. It is a perfect artifact.
And it corresponds to the fourth level of cultivation of Zhuhe Crossing Tribulation, and the grade is not bad.
After pondering for a moment, he chose to integrate the dragon-binding rope to strengthen the level.
The flower of the other side is good, but he is not Zhu He. The sacrifice of this treasure cannot exert its maximum power. And even if he can break through the void and draw out the flower of the other side, other powerful monks must be able to do the same.
If you hit the weak one, it won’t be used. If you hit the strong one, it will be useless.
Slightly tasteless, it was refined with the help of Tianlu Xuanjian and integrated into the dragon-binding rope.
The two magic weapons were strengthened. The Fan Tian Seal had the attribute of locking the void, and the Dragon Binding Cable had the attribute of imprisoning the soul, doubling its power, which made Lu Bei very happy.
Zhu He’s death was not in vain and his death was valuable.
Everything about the Heavenly Rules Xuanjian Master is good, but there are two shortcomings. One is that krypton gold is too powerful, and the other is that smelting treasures is very time-consuming. The higher the level of the magic weapon, the longer it takes.
/It took Lu Bei four or five hours to complete