But at the very beginning, when Chun Yuzhi mentioned the condensed treasure, he was thinking that the ghost talisman contained a complete soul of the monk from the Lihen Palace. With the support of his Tao and Dharma, it was enough to remove the round mirror from the Netherworld. The talisman array evolved into a treasure.
But now, the soul is still the same soul, but the monk himself has gone too crazy, and all that is left is stupidity.
It seems that Chu Weiyang still needs to take action himself.
When he thought of this, Chu Weiyangqing raised the round mirror in his hand. As the thoughts surged, suddenly, a tadpole inscription appeared on it, and the sealed spiritual light was revealed again.
The phantom of memory hangs, and when you look carefully, you see the still young and immature Zhong Chaoyuan in the Palace of Lihen, repeatedly watching and making choices among the secret methods of condensing several treasures.
On the large desk, Zhong Chaoyuan’s hand was about to press on a Taoist book, and he was about to open it as soon as he saw it.
Then I saw the title “Taiyin Tongyouxuan Zhenbaojian” written in ancient seal script on the cover of the Taoist book.
It was at this time that as Chu Weiyang’s thoughts changed, the phantom of Xuanzhao suddenly stopped there.
/Chu Weiyang had a flash of hesitation, wondering whether he would join the ranks of the unnamed Daozi of the Palace of Lihen without others’ permission after today.
/After all, all of this is cause and effect, and it is the most troublesome legal cause and effect among causes and effects.
While hesitating, Chu Weiyang finally decided.
No need to worry if you have too many debts, no need to worry if you have too many lice.
Besides, Chu Weiyang did not secretly learn other people’s teaching methods for fear of being influenced by Taoism. He only learned the refining method of a treasure weapon, which did not involve the principles of the law or the essence of the meaning.
So, when Chu Weiyang shook the precious mirror in his hand and the illusion was about to evolve again, Chun Yuzhi’s voice suddenly sounded at this moment.
Her clear voice seemed full of uncertainty.
“Chu Weiyang, tell me, could it be because you leaked the “Heart-Eating Life Summoning Curse” earlier? The curse was passed to the owner of Island Mo, leading the elder Yan to slaughter the Hundred Snake Islands, but something happened In that nest of snake eggs, there was no reincarnation of the island owner. Thinking about this disaster, it was all caused by sea snakes. Could it be the reason for the leakage of Taoism? In the end, it was revealed that the old mother was behind the founding of the sect. hand?”
This seemed to involve something Chun Yuzhi didn’t know about. She was just guessing, but she was not sure about anything from beginning to end.
Chu We