She was wearing a nightgown, but she was no longer covering up, and her posture of guarding men and women was too deliberate and outspoken.
“It hurts a little at first, please bear with it.”
“Does it hurt?” Liu Yuewang was a little worried. She was very afraid of pain.
“A little bit, it’ll be fine after a while.”
/“Then be gentler.” Liu Yuewang took a deep breath. Why did this guy remind her? It made her so nervous that her scalp was tense.
Liu Yuewang sat up straight, and Liu Changan put his fingers behind her ears.
Liu Yuewang couldn’t help but laugh. Her ears were relatively sensitive, and Liu Changan’s fingers didn’t have delicate skin. The man’s rough fingertips felt a little itchy when he pressed the skin.
“Did the eyes of the head you dreamed about bleed?”
Liu Yuewang thought about it for a moment and almost trembled with fear. When his attention was diverted, he was no longer itchy. Liu Changan’s fingers suddenly exerted force. When Liu Yuewang came back to his senses, he was stunned by the pain and even forgot to scream. .
Liu Changan still has some experience in dealing with women with sensitive skin who like to shout. As long as they divert their attention, it will be easy to deal with them.
Just like pediatricians who are good at coaxing children.
As Liu Changan said, it hurt at first, but after the pain passed, his brain felt much better. The discomfort caused by the nightmare scare last night, as well as various brain conditions caused by lack of sleep and mental anxiety, all magically followed him. Press it with your fingers and it will disappear completely.
Liu Yuewang bit her lip and held back her screams, but her feet were intertwined so tightly that the veins were exposed.
An Nuan came in with the things Liu Changan asked for. Seeing the painful expression on her mother’s face, An Nuan quickly asked: “Mom, are you feeling better?”
“It’s almost done.” Liu Changan let go and said.
Liu Yuewang couldn’t help but roll her eyes at Liu Changan, how could he be like this? She was feeling comfortable and wanted him to press it for a while. Generally speaking, she would first ask, “How do you feel?”, “Do you want to press it for a while longer?”, “Shall I press it for you again?” ”
Liu Changan took the bottle from An Nuan’s hand. There was a drop of facial cream inside. The drop of cream was round and smooth, as delicate as a pearl, but it did not melt into the water bit by bit.
“I heard that only skin care products that can be completely dissolved and mixed in water are purely natural, green and healthy, otherwise there are chemical substances in them.” Liu Yuewang couldn’t help but spread knowledge in the circle of friends.
“Mom, I’ve told you countless times what chemicals mean.” An Nuan said helplessly.
“Are science students amazing?”
An Nuan rolled her eyes at her. This mother was so energetic just after being massaged. She looked pitiful with tears in her eyes last night.
Liu Changan took a spoon