Liu Changan’s ears are now clear. He sits back and studies hard, making progress every day.
Liu Changan made an appointment with Bai Hui and wanted to return the camera to her. After all, the high-end party of lo girls was over, and the pictures from that discussion event had not yet been sent to those girls. Bai Hui had been urged many times. .
/“You are such a procrastinator.” Bai Hui said angrily. She had been playing with Miao Yingying during the National Day. She had seen Gao Dewei confronting Miao Yingying so much that she couldn’t help but wake up. Since Liu Changan didn’t If you like yourself, but you don’t like Liu Changan, then as an ordinary friend, you should be tougher on him, and you can’t always look like you’re afraid of his anger and watch his expression carefully.
Be tough, girls need to be tough. Bai Hui raised her chest and looked up at Liu Changan.
“What are you doing?” Liu Changan didn’t notice Bai Hui’s toughness and looked at the circle of people behind her.
After the National Day, universities in Lushan University Town began to organize clubs to recruit new students. Because there were so many clubs, they called them the Hundred Regiments War, which has been a tradition for many years.
Bai Hui, a famous home dance UP master, has already joined the home dance club and became the deputy leader. In fact, the leader’s reputation and fans are not as good as hers. The average person’s video clicks are only a few thousand, but there are tens of thousands. It’s a huge number of plays, but it can’t be played as easily as Bai Fen, which has millions of plays.
Bai Hui took part in some otaku-oriented game-linked dances, ran some advertisements, and appeared at some comic exhibitions and the like. The quotations also increased, and the income was good.
“How come I haven’t seen you wear these costumes they are wearing?” Liu Changan is tall, and he can still see the performance organized by the house dance club from the outside.
The new addition to the house dance club is very eye-catching. They have set up a big stage, on which three girls wearing white, black and red cheongsam are dancing “Love Song of Taoyuan”.
These cheongsams of theirs are called canaries, with high slits reaching the waist, and the hem of the cheongsam is also an oblique triangle, exposing the entire lower body, so it must be paired with safety pants, a bare leg, a black suspender fishnet stocking, and a black stocking. The otakus who were watching consciously cheered and beat the rhythm. Among the new clubs in the entire academy square, this was the most crowded place.
“I wear too many people and it doesn’t suit me.” Bai Hui is a bit shy. This kind of clothing is quite common in otaku dance videos. In reality, it takes courage to dress and perform in a non-otaku culture environment. At least Bai Hui No, especially the armpits and waist of the Canary cheongsam are not very friendly to her.