After a brief pause here, Liu Changan continued to walk forward and entered the neighborhoods near the university town. The old city of Hexi is located along the river bank. It has been demolished in recent years, but it still retains some of the old-time feeling. In the alleyway, Liu Changan walked over and saw a woman leaning against the corridor door and looking at him.
Liu Changan remembered that there were only some more remote places in Junsha, such as the Hongxing Market near the South Bus Station, where there were some street girls.
/“Handsome guy, would you like to go upstairs and play.” The woman made an “OK” gesture, and her index finger and thumb formed a circle. If Liu Changan put her finger into the circle, she would hold his finger tightly. Pull him upstairs and entertain him warmly.
What a heartwarming scene, just like many years ago when everyone agreed that “distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors”, neighbors felt as close as one family.
It’s a pity that most people now live door-to-door with their neighbors and don’t know who their neighbors are, unless there is a well-known gossip in the other person’s family, such as the visit of an older woman, the mistress causing trouble, the quarrel between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, the husband’s father-in-law removing ashes, and so on. of.
“Thank you, no.” Liu Changan politely declined the other party’s invitation and looked at her with a slightly raised corner of his mouth. If she was in the chicken industry, her skin would be too good, and the feeling of being healthy and energetic would be too strong.
Of course, the word “rooster” was a temporary invention of Liu Changan. This “chicken” was originally the character for “phoenix”, but he had Shangguan Dandan in his family, who was a real “phoenix”, so Liu Changan was only willing to call others “rooster”.
Although Shangguan Dandan has always been difficult for Liu Changan to deal with, it is an internal conflict within the family. Externally, he is naturally 10,000% biased towards Shangguan Dandan.
This woman was probably an immortal and wanted to harm him. Liu Changan had rich life experience and would not be fooled like a young man who couldn’t walk when he saw a beautiful woman.
Soon I arrived at the Juyuan community, walked up the steps, and knocked on the door of An Nuan’s house. The door of An Nuan’s house did not open, but the door of Professor Ling’s house opposite did. Han Zhizhi stretched out his head and took a look.
/When she saw that it was Liu Changan, she walked out, gently closed the door of her house, and pressed her hand against the wall to look at Liu Changan, “Tomorrow is the Lantern Festival, will you come to your mother-in-law’s house to give you Yuanxiao dumplings?”
“You actually know about Yuanxiao Tuozi?” Liu Changan was a little surprised.
Nowadays, the glutinous rice balls eaten during the Lantern Festiva