“It’s fate.” Liu Changan nodded.
“It all depends on you.”
“You rely on me to hurt you and put you in the hospital?”
Gao Cunyi laughed and nodded.
After Liu Changan read the plan, the core content was that Gao Cunyi was Pu Shougeng’s apprentice. This was not a label that could be erased just because the martial arts school was disbanded and Pu Shougeng disappeared.
Now that Pu Shougeng’s reputation has been tarnished and Ma Benwei broadcast Liu Changan’s kick, the mainstream public opinion on the Internet naturally regards Pu Shougeng as a clown to discuss and make fun of him. There are many videos of various ghosts and animals pranking him.
Gao Cunyi wants to regain a foothold in the martial arts circle in southern Hunan and open a martial arts gym. The negative impact of public opinion is very large. To untie the bell, he must also tie the bell. If he can invite Liu Changan to join the gym as a coach, consultant, or even just a name, he can Get twice the result with half the effort and eliminate the negative impact of the “Pu Shougeng” label on Gao Cunyi.
Otherwise, when others mention it, the master of the martial arts gym is the apprentice of Pu Shougeng who was kicked out by a high school student. Who would come to Gao Cunyi’s martial arts gym?
“Okay, I’ll put my name on it. As for the salary, there’s no need for it. Our previous rules were just in name. The more sophisticated martial artists didn’t receive a salary. You just need to get some chicken, duck, fish, meat and seasonal fruits during the holidays.” Liu Changan nodded, “Of course, a martial artist with such a name will not come forward if something happens to the martial arts school. If there is a problem with the gym, he has no obligation to come forward. You have to deal with it yourself.”
“It’s okay if you just name it, but you still have to get your monthly salary. How about I give you a share?” Gao Cunyi said happily. He didn’t expect Liu Chang’an to be so easy to talk to. He was completely different from when he asked him to help the Wutong tree. See As expected, you shouldn’t mention it to him if you came here to do what you wanted to do in the first place. Such people are very principled. If you don’t agree, you won’t agree. If you are willing to help, you don’t need to be nagging him.
“Just do whatever I say.” Liu Changan handed the plan back.
Gao Cunyi didn’t dare to talk nonsense anymore. The man in front of him was sitting under the sycamore tree. He had an extraordinary bearing and had the power of a master. Otherwise, how could Gao Cunyi know his age and still say “Brother Liu”.
/“I don’t need you to treat me to a meal. Go back. If I need to shoot posters or other promotional materials, please say hello to me in advance.” Liu Changan feels that he is quite photogenic. Every time he is broadcast live, people praise him for his handsomeness.