An Nuan’s cheeks heated up, “How do you know! I just care about my classmates. After all, he turned out to be my deskmate, and we have a good relationship.”
“I’ll dig through your bag.” Liu Yuewang was a little proud, “Son, can you hide this from your mother?” Don’t you look at who gave birth to you? Can you escape from your mother’s clutches?
“Mom, you are so proud of going through other people’s bags? If you had known, I would have gone through your bag too.” An Nuan regretted angrily.
/“Out of concern for classmates, why don’t you ask for one for Gao Dewei?”
“Gao Dewei’s score is better than that of Guanyin Bodhisattva. Do you still need to bless me?”
“That’s true.” Liu Yuewang also knew Gao Dewei’s name. He had an old classmate who was the teacher of his daughter’s class, so of course he could know anything he wanted.
“Huh, where’s the wishing card you got secretly? Do you think I don’t know? I don’t know even if I don’t look in your bag.” Of course An Nuan would fight back.
“I begged you Aunt Ling.”
An Nuan didn’t believe it at all. When she wrote the wishing card, she stayed far away. How could she be so sneaky when she asked for a wishing card for Aunt Ling?
“Okay, go to bed quickly, I’ll take a nap too.” Liu Yuewang didn’t want to continue this topic with her. As a parent, naturally you can start a topic at any time and end it at any time, no need to be unreasonable.
An Nuan opened a bottle of water for Liu Yuewang. Regardless of whether she is a girl or a woman, if she drinks water before going to bed, she will want to go to the bathroom soon. This can ensure that Liu Yuewang will go to the bathroom even if she has not slept for a while. A trip to the bathroom.
Liu Yuewang happened to be thirsty, so she drank some and put down the water bottle, then urged An Nuan to go to bed. She herself was a little nervous.
An Nuan didn’t wait for a few minutes before Liu Yuewang fell asleep first, which made An Nuan feel like she just came to take a nap after being sleepy after lunch.
An Nuan quickly and carefully opened the cabinet door, and Liu Changan actually had free time to play games inside!
Liu Changan came out and tried to take a look inside, but An Nuan pressed his face and pushed him out.
“You go sit in the hotel lobby cafe for a while. I will call you when I get up. Don’t run away! Teacher Huang will also call you. Stop playing games. The battery will run out again later!” “An Nuan never forgot to tell Liu Changan.
“There’s so much to care about.” Liu Changan looked at An Nuan with a smile.
An Nuan looked at Liu Changan through the crack in the door and found that he seemed to have been growing taller in the past few days. A faint pink appeared on his cheeks. His eyes whitened with anger and he closed the door.
/Liu Changan put the phone