What are we digging for?”
He was not very good-tempered. When he heard me asking, he said angrily: “You can dig as long as you want. Why is there all this nonsense?”
I wasn’t annoyed, so I continued digging. Soon he and I dug out a big hole, but there was still no reading, and he wanted to make the hole bigger and bigger. I finally couldn’t help it. He asked again: “How deep do we have to dig to the bottom?”
/He said, “We have to dig to about three meters below. We can’t dig this deep without digging bigger around. We don’t have much time. We won’t have this time until dawn.” ”
I noticed what he said, so I asked: “What will happen when the sun comes up?”
He said: “When the sun comes up, we can’t dig.”
I began to become more and more curious. Could it be that this thing couldn’t be avoided because of day and night? But after thinking about it, I followed him and continued digging. I don’t know how long I dug. Finally I heard him say: “I have it.”
I stopped. The shovel looked over to him and saw that he had bent down to pull something up. At first glance, I seemed to see something like a snake. When I looked again, I realized that it was a tree root.
I asked him: “What is this?”
He seemed to be using force to pull this thing out. When he heard my question, he stopped what he was doing and said: “A vine.”
When I heard it was a vine, I immediately thought of human bones. Xiang and Big Mouse, and then asked in a questioning tone: “Is this that special kind of vine?”
He said: “Come and help.”
So I also stepped forward to help him. He pulled the vine and asked me to continue digging with the shovel. It looked like it could move, as if it would retract into the soil if I didn’t pull it. I continued digging with the shovel until I dug another half meter deep. Only then did he say, “That’s enough. That’s enough. Take a shovel and cut it off from below.” Shangzhenmu died.
So I cut the sharp side of the shovel directly towards the thing. It didn’t break completely. I used it a few more times, and then it was completely cut off. It was only when he picked up the vine that it was completely cut off. At that moment, I suddenly saw something coming out of the severed vine, which happened to be dripping on my hand. So I looked closer and found that it was actually blood. So I looked at him in surprise and said, “What is this?”
Seeing my surprised expression, he did not answer me. Instead, he asked me another completely irrelevant question. He asked me, “Do you know that you are alive?” What is the meaning?”
I couldn’t answer him for a while, so I hesitated. When I hesitated, he asked a second question. He said, “Then do you know what death is for?
” His two questions had already confused me. I didn’t have time to think about such a profound question. Seeing that I didn’t answer, he handed the vine tree to me and said, “Take it.”
/I instinctively took the vine tree. , asked: “What is this thing dug for?”
He said: “It will always be used, although not now.”
I wanted to say more, but suddenly I