Li Hongfang changed his appearance, put the clay pot on the passenger seat behind, and the two sat in the front. Under Liu Changan’s command, Li Hongfang moved the car back a certain distance.
This is an old alley, with a residential area about to be demolished behind it. Li Hongfang followed Liu Changan with a clay pot, and went around and around into Xiangda University. Liu Changan picked up Li Hongfang and jumped over some high walls and small buildings, and then landed on On a balcony.
/Jin Hou’s uncle was engaged in real estate development. After the buildings in the community were sold out, the sales office was handed over to Jin Hou and transformed into a B&B.
Nowadays, many young people are starting their own businesses, and homestays are also a hot spot. It is not only a business prospect, but also a place of emotion. In the past, many petty bourgeoisie men and women thought of opening coffee shops, bookstores, and bars in places like Zhouzhuang, Lijiang, and Fenghuang. Same kind.
Relatively speaking, B&Bs are more reliable than those things. As long as you are good at promoting them, connect to major booking platforms, and find professionals to market them, you might become an internet celebrity.
As long as you are willing to put in the investment, you can basically build a B&B by installing a bathtub and floor-to-ceiling windows and backing it to a tourist attraction with a slightly higher traffic volume.
In particular, some B&B hosts with professional aesthetics and high-end design can often make the price of a single room in a B&B exceeding the average price of the most luxurious local hotels.
This is the case for the B&B in Jinhou. It is adjacent to Lushan Mountain. There are many students from the surrounding major universities who like to pursue a “sense of ritual” and “exquisiteness”. The business is quite good.
If it weren’t for the fact that Jin Hou often had girls who needed company and had the habit of reserving a large suite in his B&B, he might not have had such a private place to entertain Zhang Zhongye today.
Liu Changan and Li Hongfang stood on the balcony and looked around. There was no camera that could capture the area, so they knocked politely on the balcony glass door.
Jin Hou opened the door in confusion and saw that it was Liu Changan’s father and a beautiful woman. He was shocked and was pushed away by the beautiful woman before he could react. It was hard to tell that someone with thin arms and legs could easily touch Jin. Hou stumbled when he pushed.
“How brave!” Zhang Zhongye, who was sitting on the sofa, laughed angrily.
Today’s conversation between him and Jin Hou was heard by Liu Changan’s father. It was certain that the other party was jealous. Zhang Zhongye just didn’t expect that the other party would dare to come directly to the door, and only brought a beautiful woman who still had charm.
/Coming in from the balcony is obviously a bad sign. If you don’t want to do evil, who would climb the balcony or the wind