Mo Buxiu: Xian disciple, when the fight starts, I will help you block those two harpies.
/Qi Li Sutra: Qi Mou advises you to watch the show obediently and stop meddling in other people’s business!
The two demon emperors talked more and more passionately. They rolled up their sleeves and rubbed their necks, with their foreheads touching their foreheads. They looked eye to eye. At this distance, they were either fighting or pouting.
“Your Majesty, there is no need to talk to such a talented person.”
In the end, Feng Biao couldn’t stand it anymore, and couldn’t bear that Tai Su’s image of being a wise and wise warrior was brought down to the same level by the pretty boy. He said angrily: “This man has set up a trap. Your Majesty must not fall into his scheme, let alone”
/Taisu punched out, hitting Feng Buzzard right in the face, causing the bird to fly backwards.
“His Majesty?!”
Feng Buzzard looked confused. He was not injured, but he didn’t understand why he was beaten.
A fist as big as a casserole can do great harm to dead fans.
“Don’t speak ill of him. In the whole world, only Gu can speak ill of him.” Tai Su said with a straight face.
You two are so angry that you take my father for granted?
Huang Xiao was furious. Lu Bei, who was happy for dogs to bite dogs, became furious when he saw this. He raised his hand and grasped Tai Su’s collar: “How can it be unreasonable? If you slap the father of the Harpy Queen in the face, it is the same as spanking Gu Gu’s ass. You can fight me again if you can!”
There was a chaos under the pillar. For a while, chickens and dogs were barking, and the whole chicken and dog were restless.
Abandonment Sutra was so happy that he didn’t dare to laugh out loud after suffering the losses he suffered before. He had an iceberg face that refused to attract people thousands of miles away. His shoulders were rising and falling, and he was shrugging. I don’t know, I thought He is practicing his sword!
“Both young men, please calm down and calm down. It’s up to Qi to give you a fair word.”
Seeing that it was almost over, if the argument continued, a fight would really break out. Qi Lijing inserted himself between Lu Bei and Tai Su, one in each hand, holding their wrists: “The overall situation is important, the overall situation is important!”
The Sutra of Abandonment was worthy of being a zombie born from the body of the Great Heavenly Lord. His hands were so strong that Lu Bei and Tai Su were unable to break free.
The two of them were shocked and pretended as if nothing had happened.
“And the father of the Demon Queen, please stop saying a few words. You must know that fellow Taoist Taisu is the split-off existence of fellow Taoist Lu Bei’s soul. If you scold fellow Taoist Lu Bei, you are equivalently scolding Tai Su.” Fellow Taoist, dogs are not meant to be like this, and they must not bite their masters.”
There was silence in the field. Except for Lu Bei and Tai Su, who