Solve your own affairs by yourself, and forget about finding a sister.
“Top card?” Liu Changan frowned.
An Nuan became wary, she just said something casually, but looking at her boyfriend’s expression and An Nuan’s understanding of him, he decided not to say anything humanly again.
“I am a picky person and someone who is strict with myself. Since I am the top brand, I must have the pomp of the top brand. I will definitely not accept ordinary customers.” Liu Changan looked at An Nuan and looked at her from top to bottom. Then nodded.
/“Are you saying that you must at least have the same conditions as mine?” An Nuan was a little shy and proud, “I’m afraid it will be difficult for me to be like this. You, the top one, will have no business.”
“Don’t you patronize me?” Liu Changan looked at An Nuan suspiciously, “Confucius listened to Shao music and didn’t know the taste of meat in March. That’s because for Confucius, Shao music is the highest spiritual enjoyment. But for Confucius, Shao music is the highest spiritual enjoyment. For you, do you have such a noble and ultimate spiritual pursuit? If you don’t know the taste of meat for three months, what will you use to replace your spiritual enjoyment? Do you rely on your own efforts? ”
“Liu Changan!” An Nuan’s cheeks were red. As a pure and beautiful girl, she had no idea that Liu Changan’s words were full of slander!
But she has been defiled by Liu Changan! It didn’t matter if he occasionally said that he understood. An Nuan used his trump card, jumped up and put his arms around Liu Changan’s neck, trying to knock him down.
Liu Changan did not resist, and fell into An Nuan’s arms. An Nuan said “Ouch” and staggered back a few steps before he regained his balance. He looked at the ground, which was wet with sewage hair like winter and spring. The black color made it impossible to really throw him to the ground.
“If you don’t patronize me, as the leader of the club, then I want to consolidate my position and recruit business that suits me. What kind of people do you think I should expand my business to based on my own taste and preferences?” Liu Changan Leaning in An Nuan’s arms, the corners of her mouth were slightly raised.
An Nuan was immediately furious and immediately let go, letting him fall to the ground!
Needless to say? With his tastes and preferences, who else could he target for business expansion?
Liu Changan grasped the ground with his feet like nails, and stood upright. Of course, he would not fall. He grabbed An Nuan’s waist and said to his angry girlfriend: “Look for trouble by yourself, and set a target on others. It would be too cute to be angry again.”
An Nuan turned her head, her big pupils rolling in her eye sockets, and carefully observed Liu Changan, wondering if he was speaking sarcastically.
“It’s really cute. If someone else did this, of course I would just hang him on the tree. But my girlfriend is very reasonable when she really wants to talk about things. She usuall