It doesn’t matter if you are not a fairy, but if you are not a smart child, your mother will be very worried and will say that Zhou Dongdong is stupid. What will you do when you grow up? What will you do when your mother gets old?
Zhou Dongdong also tried hard to become a smart kid, but no one ever praised Zhou Dongdong for being smart, so Zhou Dongdong had to always say that he was smart and brave. A smart kid doesn’t have to worry about her being stupid, and a brave kid doesn’t. If you will be bullied, your mother can rest assured!
“What if I lose my wit and bravery after becoming a fairy?” Zhou Dongdong said with some worry. Although sister Xiaotang is a fairy, she never likes to study. Every time brother Chang’an asks her to study, she falls on the ground. Rolling around, he doesn’t look smart and brave at all.
Zhu Juntang frowned slightly, what does this mean?
Liu Changan couldn’t help laughing, but immediately became expressionless. What’s so funny about this?
“It doesn’t matter. As long as you go to school every day and study hard, you will still be a smart and brave child and a smart and brave fairy.” It was obvious that Zhou Dongdong was very interested in the fairy stick, and Zhou Shuling comforted and tempted her.
So Zhou Dongdong touched the fairy wand in the drawer and looked at Zhu Juntang expectantly.
“We each have one, and I will teach you the spell.” Zhu Juntang said openly, not caring that Zhou Dongdong might have hinted that she was not smart and brave.
After all, Zhou Dongdong is now a saint in the sect. It is natural for a saint to discipline her subordinates. After she becomes a saint, she will first scold Lu Si’en for being so arrogant with her legs crossed to urinate, and then compare with Zhou Dongdong. Let’s see who is more witty and brave.
Zhou Dongdong picked up a pink fairy stick, raised it high and shook it a few times. She suddenly felt that she had magic power. In addition to being the child Sun Wukong who had not grown up, she was also a child fairy who had not grown up. .
“Okay!” Zhou Dongdong doesn’t like to recite poems, but he will definitely work hard to recite mantras.
“There is dawn hanging over Dongshan” Zhu Juntang read.
“You Li Men announced in Dong San!” Zhou Dongdong also shouted.
Zhu Juntang froze after reciting a sentence, then calmly took out his mobile phone, looked at the mantra, and did not intend to memorize it. He looked at the mobile phone and recited: “Like the Buddha’s bone glass.”
“Fish Fu Gu Liuli!”
/“Thousands of layers of clouds!”
“Father Yun Qiancong!”
After the two recited the incantation, Zhu Juntang quietly pressed the icon on the mobile APP, and mist was sprayed from the roof of the car, filling the car. Colorful lights flashed, making the environment in the car look like the old version of “Journey to the West” “The same scene as in “.
“This is the effect of the spell!” Zhu Juntang was proud.
“Wow, sister Xiaotang, your magic power