Li Hongfang was sitting on the floor of the carriage. The young man in front of him was talking so eloquently that it was so extraordinary that it was hard to doubt what he was saying. What’s more, there are not many people who know the truth about Li Daoren and “Qi Xing Ji”. Except for Li Hongfang’s family, which has been passed down from generation to generation, no one in the outside world knows about such a strange book.
How did he know “Qi Xing Ji”? How did he know that the Treasure Map of the World was recorded in “Qi Xing Ji”? As for the ancestor dying at the age of 130, rather than becoming a flying immortal, I think it is more likely.
“The treasure map of the world in “Qi Xing Ji” is not a fabrication. It records the living coffin, the coffin tomb of Mrs. Xin Zhui, and this one is the living coffin of the Empress Dowager Shangguan of the Western Han Dynasty.” Li Hongfang is naturally. To earn back the face of his ancestors, even though the Li family has only found a few of the treasures in “Qi Xing Ji” over the years, it is enough to give people more confidence, even if there are some flaws. , but Li Hongfang is also more willing to understand that it is because of the passage of time, the mountains and rivers have changed shape, or they have encountered various man-made disasters.
/“The granddaughter of Shangguan Jie, the granddaughter of Huo Guang, is this little girl?”
Li Hongfang was a little surprised that the young man in front of him who had an aloof posture just now, now had dull eyes and looked like a wooden chicken.
Logically speaking, the most famous thing in history about this empress dowager is the legend that she was buried in perfect condition. She entered the palace at just a few years old, and she really gave many people the impression that she was a little girl.
“It’s her. Although she is a little girl, she adopted Liu He as her son and became the empress dowager when she was fifteen years old.”
“There is no need to mention this matter again.” Liu Changan looked at Li Hongfang expressionlessly.
“I’ve said everything I know, can you let me go?” Li Hongfang was not interested in talking about history with Liu Changan here.
“You haven’t told me yet, how did you find this place?”
“Where the living coffin is located, there are often strange phenomena in the sky. Although we have found out its location before, it has been heavily guarded and there is nothing we can do. The sky phenomenon after dusk yesterday was abnormal. I just came over to take a look. I didn’t expect that I would actually gain something.” Li Hongfang looked at the living coffin in front of her with a complicated expression, and it was so heartbreaking to see it just out of reach.
Li Hongfang’s expression changed, and he didn’t expect to spill the beans.
“Whether you are a real or fake descendant of Li Daoren, I will let you go for the sake of Li Daoren, even though this person is fam