In the past, carrying coffins in rural areas was the responsibility of the strong men in the village. After all, every family has old people, and some of them will die. But now, not only are the neighborhood relationships in the city disappearing, but also the human relations in the countryside are difficult to maintain. After all, there are more and more people. All my fellow villagers only have houses in the countryside, but they haven’t been back for who knows how long.
Just like the last time Liu Changan went to Zeng Shao’s hometown, there was not only Qingshan Town, which specializes in rice noodles, but also a town that was once famous throughout the country for its PS photo extortion. It was also the hometown of fake certificates. Later, many people also embarked on the road of telecommunications fraud. .
There are many luxurious villas built in mountain villages in this township, but no one is living there.
Some have made money and built a luxurious villa in their hometown to express their return to their hometown in glory. In fact, the whole family has moved to the city. Others have the whole family engaged in these evil deeds and were caught together and are all squatting in jail.
Liu Changan has seen village houses that can be called luxury villas. The construction costs are not low, and they are far from comparable to the American rural wooden houses that many people envy.
“When I get older, I will build a house in the countryside. In front of the house, there will be a large cement field for drying millet. The cement field is about one meter higher than the pond. You can fish while sitting on the cement field.” Liu Changan said with some longing.
Although the city is good, rural life is still unforgettable, especially for many people who came out of the countryside and struggled for half their lives to finally gain a foothold in the city. In the end, what they miss most is the land and the kind of life in their childhood memories. Those old friends from the village who are gradually disappearing.
“Do you have a homestead?” Shangguan’s dull voice came through the coffin, a little angry. Recently, when she was waiting for her poker friends at Aunt Xie’s canteen, she watched some rural life TV series with Xiao Qin Xiaoqian and others to learn more about it. Get more information about modern life.
/In the TV series, it is the old people like Xiao Qin and Xiao Qian who left the countryside and settled in the city. They gave up their rural household registration. Therefore, even though they still have their ancestral homes in the countryside, they have no homestead. They want to repair their ancestral homes or It is impossible to demolish and rebuild new houses.
/“I don’t have one.” This was a problem, but it didn’t bother him, who had a lot of experience in changing identities and life. After a little thought, he found a solution, “I can sign a rental agreement with villagers who intend to move to the city. I I rented the house to him fo