The information obtained from Zhu Juntang alone is still not enough. Among the people Su Mei can use who have a good relationship with Shangguan Dandan is Li Hongfang. If you have time, you can ask Li Hongfang and listen to her analysis.
Shangguan Dandan finally filled the thermos pot with broth, and there was still some left in the bowl. He couldn’t help but miss his owl that seemed to be able to hold everything. He didn’t take it with him. He missed it and wanted to touch it more when he went back. OK.
“Qingqing, please finish the rest of the broth. Don’t waste it.” Shangguan Dandan said to Zhongqing, holding a thermos pot in one hand and a fruit box in the other.
Zhongqing was obedient and obedient. He raised the big soup bowl and drank.
Su Mei shook her head. This Zhongqing seemed more obedient in front of Shangguan Dandan than in front of Su Mei.
Fortunately, she was finally done. Su Mei saw Shangguan Dandan handing the thermos to Liu Changan, then holding his hand, just like a child who was taken back after being a guest at someone else’s house, taking the bottle after eating and drinking. Returned the gift.
“Let’s go.” Liu Changan greeted Su Mei.
I don’t know if it was because she had eaten and drank enough, but she finally didn’t feel the pressure of Shangguan Dandan. Su Mei felt a lot more relaxed. After finishing the broth, she caught up and chatted and laughed with Shangguan Dandan. Zhongqing smiled, and Su Mei became more and more worried. Shangguan Dandan only felt oppressed by her. Is it really because Su Mei had a master-slave relationship with her?
He took the elevator to the lower level again and transferred to another horizontal elevator. After passing many verifications, Liu Changan finally saw another underground base of Su Mei.
/Su Mei had something on her mind, so she did not introduce the underground base in detail, but went directly to the S-class secret room where Chiyu was imprisoned.
There are tracks of unknown purpose laid on the ground, and various small intelligent devices shuttle on the walls and ceilings, but there are no robot “gold coins” like those that once appeared at the Hunan University base. Su Mei probably learned her lesson and is not interested in extremely high intelligence. The AI ????has become wary.
“There are a lot of toys here.” Shangguan Dandan looked around with interest. Many of the things seemed very fun, but because this was his daughter-in-law’s place, Shangguan Dandan didn’t pick up those things and put them in casually. Keep it in your sleeve pocket for yourself.
After all, although Su Mei is an evil mother-in-law, she is also one of the daughters-in-law. This is a fact that has to be admitted. It has nothing to do with whether Shangguan Dandan likes her or not. When a mother-in-law f