“It had not been repaired when I was in high school. That day I went to school for morning self-study and saw that before dawn, there were already people outside the school waiting to see off the People’s Liberation Army soldiers. It turned out that the troops wanted to leave early in the morning to avoid seeing off the soldiers. The villagers did not need to accept the gifts prepared by the villagers, but the villagers got up earlier and made sure to come to see him off. I was very shocked at the time.” The middle-aged man continued.
“Our country was really poor at that time, especially the backward towns. I didn’t have a good impression of the people in my hometown at that time. I thought they were poor, indifferent and selfish. Everyone was cunning and exuded that kind of poverty. Compared with the image of foreigners described in “The Reader”, the smooth sophistication and cowardly forbearance I summarized made me feel very disgusted and looked down upon, and I felt that I must escape from this living environment in the future.” The middle-aged man patted his cheek. , smiled to himself.
“Who hasn’t been deceived by the public?” Liu Changan smiled. Of course he had never been deceived, but he had experienced the sinister intentions of brainwashing the people after seizing the right to speak.
“That’s why I was shocked. In my eyes, the folks who are poor and selfish, and who usually care about every dime, are carrying baskets of eggs, old hens and big roosters in their hands, and they have nothing to do with themselves. I couldn’t bear to eat all kinds of nutritional supplements. When I saw the People’s Liberation Army vehicles driving out of the campus, I immediately rushed to them and carried the things in my hands to the vehicles at all costs.”
/The expression on the middle-aged man’s face was full of smiles, as if he was lamenting his immaturity at that time: “I was thinking that the place where the People’s Liberation Army troops performed their tasks was not ours, but the villagers still treated the People’s Liberation Army soldiers with great enthusiasm, as if they were here. Saying goodbye to your child?”
“Because they are the loveliest people and the dearest people.” Liu Changan summarized this conversation that was full of educational significance, great light and correctness.
He looked up at the monument in the gloomy weather, and then looked at the little boy who, under the leadership of Zhou Dongdong, was already walking with the steps unique to the Children’s Liberation Army, with the corners of his mouth slightly raised.
Some schools also organized Qingming commemoration activities. Primary school students wore bright red scarves and presented homemade paper chrysanthemums.
Even Li Hongfang and Zhou Shuling looked very serious, but Shangguan Dandan looked up at the sky expressionlessl