“Actually, this cup of cranberry is more like you. The cranberry tastes a little sour, just like you are sorry.” Liu Changan said with a smile.
Bai Hui’s eyes rolled, she pursed her lips, but couldn’t help but said: “Then are you eating me?”
After saying this, Bai Hui turned his head away, a willful shyness blooming from the corner of his mouth, and his heart was pounding. He was getting bolder and bolder, which was a bit unimaginable.
A year ago, I was so reserved and liked to keep my little white flower appearance. I probably didn’t expect that one day I would say such things to him, right?
It’s a bit shameful, but more of an indescribable feeling, like, immersed in, looking forward to, and feeling excited all over the body.
Liu Changan was a little angry. How could a girl tease a decent and traditional college student like him so casually?
He decided to fight back, but instead of beating Bai Hui, he had to use words to fight back against the verbal harassment.
“The most unique health effect of cranberries is that they can effectively prevent urinary tract infections, so girls and middle-aged and elderly people should eat more of them. Eighty to ninety percent of urinary tract infections are caused by E. coli, and the PACS in cranberries is Proanthocyanidins prevent bacteria from attaching to the skin of the urethra and bladder, thereby preventing infection.”
/Bai Hui frowned, she teased him so cutely, and he actually mentioned these things!
“Can you prevent urinary tract infections?” Liu Changan ate a piece of dried cranberry and looked at Bai Fen, who was overestimating her abilities. She would only increase the chance of urinary tract infections in men.
Because for a girl like her, when a man is with her, the frequency of such things will definitely increase, and it is entirely possible that the songs will not stop every night. In this case, the chance of urinary tract infection will also increase.
Such girls are not qualified to call themselves cranberries. Only girls who let men cultivate their minds and cultivate their natures and love them as if they were dead can call themselves cranberries.
“What’s more, because cranberries are inconvenient to store and transport, Conswixing fruit farmers, who account for the vast majority of the world’s output, will directly make cranberries into finished products.”
Liu Changan pointed to the dried cranberries, “We often use various fresh fruits, such as cherries and peaches, to refer to girls because they are tender and juicy. But you want to use dried cranberries. to refer to oneself.
Do you want to say that other girls are suitable to be referr