Bai Hui stood a little aside, while Miao Yingying and Lin Xinnai faced each other.
Miao Yingying looked at the ice rink on the ground floor next to her expressionlessly. Lin Xinhuai was holding a shoe box in his hand, probably a pair of trendy shoes. She seemed to have racked her brains and was helpless.
“Are you guys going to check your scores too?”
Zhou Dongdong jumped between Miao Yingying and Lin Xinnai, and Liu Changan had no choice but to go this way, and asked with concern as a classmate.
Bai Hui rolled her eyes at Liu Changan. Is this like checking scores together? But when she suddenly met Liu Changan, Bai Hui was very resistant to feeling happy, but she found that she was still a little happy, which made her a little unhappy again.
“It’s not bad.” Liu Changan didn’t ask about other people’s scores. Firstly, he didn’t care much. Secondly, his scores must be higher than theirs, so as not to make people think that he was superior.
“I heard Zhang Taole tell me about your results, I’m so proud of you.” Miao Yingying turned her head and said enviously, “I wonder how the ranking scores compare with the college entrance examination scores?”
Lin Xinhuai looked ashamed, sighed, and handed over the shoe box in his hand, “I remember that you used to like this pair of shoes, so I bought them after my salary was paid this month.”
Miao Yingying reached out to take it. Just when Lin was expecting something unexpected, Miao Yingying threw the shoe box away.
The shoe box was thrown away, and the box, shoes, and paper pads were scattered everywhere. Lin Xinhuai watched blankly.
“We have broken up. Please don’t contact me again in the future.” Miao Yingying said firmly.
A woman changes her mind and wants to break up, even if ten cows can’t bring her back, a woman is sentimental, but also ruthless. Liu Changan really wants to recite a poem to suit the occasion, but he just thinks about it.
Lin Xinhuai walked over, bent down, picked up the shoes, arranged them, and trotted away with his head lowered.
“That brother is crying.” Zhou Dongdong saw it.
Miao Yingying was a little surprised, but turned her head.
“Why is it like this?” Bai Hui couldn’t bear to persuade Miao Yingying, “If you do this, we won’t be able to be friends in the future.”
/“It’s impossible to be friends after we break up.” Miao Yingying gritted her teeth and said, “The long-term pain is worse than the short-term pain. I just want him to understand that there is no possibility for me and him, and I don’t want him to misunderstand.”
“For a man, first love has a great impact on him. Some people may be scumbags from the beginning, but after encountering this situation, some people no longer believe in love and feel that it is better to hurt themselves than to be hurt by others. Others. It starts casually and ends casually without thinking about the impact on others.” Liu Changan calmly concluded, “Even if the love between boys and girls