“You don’t care and you just spoil her like this?” Liu Changan said angrily.
“It’s not a big deal if you’re used to it. Compared to the time when your little sister didn’t want to smell the smell of gasoline, you booked a luxury train for her in Europe. All the leather goods on the train were from Louis Vuitton, and the ones in the bedroom were all from Louis Vuitton. The jewelry and lamps are all from Tiffany, and the twenty-eight clocks are from Breguet. Now Zhu Juntang is buying some food to treat us, do you have any objections?” Su Mei was also helpless and didn’t know what was going on. It was related to Ye Sijin How come you remember those things so clearly?
I really can’t blame her. She doesn’t want to remember it. She feels upset when she thinks about it. She hasn’t seen Qin Yanan yet when she returns to Junsha this time. She needs to find a chance to catch up with her.
“My more than one hundred is nothing.” Liu Changan murmured a few words, not knowing what he said, so he simply closed his mouth.
“By the way, another reason is that the third lady said that she plans to wash her hands in the golden basin today. Washing hands in the golden basin is a major ceremony, and naturally many people will be invited to watch the ceremony.” Zhong Qing added.
Washing hands in a golden basin? Isn’t that a ceremony for masters from all walks of life to prepare to retire from the professional field? Zhu Juntang is just fine using a bedpan.
The morning breeze blows, gentle and cool, just like the mother’s hand gently caressing the sleeping child after returning from carrying water from the well in the morning.
This is an old metaphor. How many people still have to go to the well to fetch water for cooking in the morning?
/Times are changing, but the only thing that remains unchanged is a mother’s love for her children.
Ye Chenyu’s doting on Ye Sijin probably served as an example for many years. Su Mei seemed to be very justified in her indulgence of her daughter. Every time Zhu Juntang did some extravagant and extravagant behavior, Su Mei then thought about Ye Chenyu’s love for Ye Sijin back then. No matter what, you will feel that it is nothing.
What’s the point of treating guests to dinner? Think about the many ambitious kings in the past and present. They not only spent their wealth but also recruited ambitious people from all over the world. The most basic thing is to entertain their disciples and guests with good wine and meat every day.
“She just wants to wash her hands in such a big battle. If she really succeeds as the head of the Kyushu Fenglei Sword Sect in the future, wouldn’t she have to organize an event with the Spring Festival Gala to give out red envelopes to people all over the country? With Miss Zhusan, With your identity, you have to spend 18 billion, right?” Liu Changan suggested sincerely.
This is not