When I grow up, my mother’s fried eggs are so memorable in my memory.
Liu Changan placed two bowls of rice noodles with eggs in front of the third wife and Zhong Qing. If there is business, there is no reason not to do it. Two bowls of rice noodles with fried eggs cost 24 yuan. Liu Changan took the payment code. Scan it for Zhong Qing.
Today, Liu Changan did not leave immediately after putting down his fans. He moved a small bench and sat down. “While there is no business now, you two can talk first if you have anything or anything to say. I will be very busy in a while.”
Liu Changan knew very well that there must be repeat customers today, and the business would be busier than yesterday. Celebrity chefs can make people leave because of their reputation, but repeat customers are more convincing than diners who leave because of their reputation.
“I’m just here to have some fans.” The third wife turned her head. Her fair neck was tender and wrinkle-free. The place where a woman’s age is most easily revealed was as gentle and smooth as a girl.
Liu Changan looked at Zhong Qing. He had never expected this arrogant and unpopular woman who didn’t know where to come from.
Zhongqing was wearing a transparent white summer shirt. You could see the off-shoulder underwear tied under the white lace necklace around her neck. After she glanced at the third wife, there was some brief doubt in her eyes, and then she took out the bag from her bag. He took out a photo and handed it to Liu Changan.
The photo is an old black and white photo, very old. Except for Liu Changan, he is probably older than everyone around here, and older than the buildings in this area. Not many of the newly built Junsha City after the fire can rival this photo in terms of age. old building.
People in that era didn’t have as many tricks in taking photos as they do now, nor were they as lively. They would eventually take photos seriously, which often revealed a person’s true spirit.
In a very simple and traditional posture, the young man is sitting upright with his hands on his knees. Next to him stands a woman wearing a long dress and a white top hat.
“Please pass this photo to Mr. Ye.” Zhong Qing said.
“Mr. Ye?” Liu Changan was also a little confused.
The third wife turned her head, her eyes also a little confused, “Ye Chenyu.”
Liu Changan nodded to express his understanding. What he was confused about was that normally, he would call him “Mr. Ye”.
/Liu Changan picked up the photo and put it into the cash box at the breakfast stall. He saw a poem written on the back of the photo.
Even when the wind blows violently, I will laugh when I look after me, I will laugh at the waves, and mourn in the center.
The wind and haze are finally gone, but Hui Ran is willing to come, and he will never come, and I will think about it for a long time.
At the end of the day, the wind is blowing, and soon there is blowing. If you don’t talk, you can’t sleep. If you want to ta