Fairy Yutang turned her head to the sky, with tears streaming down her cheeks: “The sky has eyes! We finally have a good time! Beichen, stop crying, hurry up and prepare the altar!”
Beichenzi hurriedly wiped away her tears and built an altar with her.
The two of them were busy, and when they thought of the suffering they had suffered over the years, they couldn’t help but feel a mixture of sadness and joy, and shed tears. Just setting up an altar made them cry four or five times.
After the altar was set up, the two of them stopped crying and burned incense to reach the world of heaven, using the incense as a traction.
/The God of Tianji immediately followed the incense, offered up the Immortal Talisman, crossed the Tianhe River and the Heavenly Mortal Barrier, descended into the Yuanshou World, and went straight to the Kongming Cave Sky!
/“Motosuri World, here I come!”
On the other side, the world God chose to descend to was the world of the beginning.
The world here is barren, and the vitality of heaven and earth has been drained out for some unknown reason. People here cannot practice Qi, so they have to practice martial arts to strengthen their bodies.
The last time God played a trick on Xu Ying, he threw him into the Taichu world and gave him a new identity. But something went wrong, and Xu Ying entered the martial arts innate, broke through the shackles of martial arts, and actually found an alternative path of cultivation.
The stone statue of God’s Will came to chase him, but he was beaten to pieces by a group of barbarians whose heads were full of muscles, and suffered a lot.
“I don’t care about the vitality of heaven and earth in the Taichu world, or whether there are treasures here, I just care about revenge!”
The God of Providence is like a bright and dazzling star, heading straight for the world of Taichu. Looking at this world from afar, murderous intention suddenly arises, “All the barbarians in this world will be bloodbathed by me! I am not in a hurry to kill them. I will first kill those All mortals will sacrifice to heaven, and then slowly kill them! Huh?”
As he approached the Taichu world, he suddenly became energetic. From a distance, he noticed that the wonderful vitality of heaven and earth was emanating from this barren world!
The vitality of heaven and earth actually has five colors of light. The vitality of heaven and earth is of extremely high grade, far superior to the vitality of heaven and earth in other worlds!
“In just a few short years, the Taichu world has become rich!”
The God of Providence was surprised and delighted. He laughed and said, “My great blessings are all over the sky. Could it be that it is not God’s will but fate? If this world falls into my hands, my strength will increase four or five times. I can compete with the immortals.” wrist!”
He roared in, and the next momen