On one side, pure red flames were revealed, and on the other side, mysterious thunder and blood flames intertwined.
The two figures expanded almost at the same time!
/When the Dragon King blood descendant was normal, his figure was as tall as two people, but at this moment, when his figure showed signs of swelling, Chu Weiyang’s figure bathed in thunder and fireworks almost caught up with him in an instant. The changes in the blood descendants of the Dragon King.
Then, Chu Weiyang’s body shape change suddenly stopped when he suddenly became three people tall.
Even after that, the power of Chu Weiyang’s energy and blood was still leaping. The bright light intertwined with thunder and fireworks was stronger with each breath, and Chu Weiyang’s figure never changed at all.
Infinite expansion does not mean that the effect of the body forging method is more superior. Before there is no secret method such as the so-called law, heaven, elephant and earth that confirms the power of heaven and earth, only the pure body forging method of the monks in the foundation-building realm is concerned. , it is necessary to find the harmony in the changes in the size of the body shape, and get it just right, so that the most extreme combat power of the body training method can be revealed!
Almost immediately, the expansion of Chu Weiyang’s figure had stabilized, and he began to sort out the manifestations of his own thunder and fireworks, and even extracted the extremely numerous seal patterns from them, and then wrapped them with the thunder and fire. The spiritual light gradually transformed into the real form from the illusion, turning into a black and dark red armor!
/When he finished doing this, when he looked again, the figure of the Dragon King’s descendant had swelled to the height of three people, which seemed to be about the same size as Chu Weiyang.
Perhaps those talented people who truly work in this field will make similar decisions.
There is no change in size, but there is a difference in speed.
Among the crowd, a burly figure who was also wrapped in blood light was frowning as he looked at the situation on the stage. At this moment, the buzzing sound of the spiritual light had not yet erupted from the red light shield. came out, and immediately, the figure looked up at the bloody sun like Chu Weiyang earlier.
It’s just that in the big day, there is no change at all.
What’s more, as if sensing the prying eyes in this bloody light, the Dragon King’s descendant who was almost on the altar reached the peak of his energy, and the buzzing sound of that spiritual light sounded as if he couldn’t wait. !
At this moment, there was no way out to repent.
And just when the buzzing sound was still echoing in the mid-air, the red figure and Chu Weiyang’s black and red figure strode towards each other almost in the blink of an eye!
Like a gust of wind! Like a bolt of lightning!
Perhaps it was because of the expansion of their bodies. At this moment, in that extreme speed, t