Seeing this, other ancient ancient Qi refiners chased towards other caves and fled far away.
/As for the other Nuo ancestor, Nuo Da, he had already taken advantage of Xu Fu’s opportunity to deal with the master of Niwan Palace and sneaked away.
“Nuo Fan, do you know what they are going to do?”
Xu Fu stood on the Abbot Fairy Mountain, blood suddenly flowed from the corner of his mouth. He barely suppressed his injuries and said to the Nuo ancestors under the bronze bell, “They are going to hunt down the other five Nuo ancestors in an attempt to seize the Nuo Zu Cave Heaven from you. They are preparing to do so.” Transplant your Nuo ancestral cave.”
/He sat cross-legged and quietly in front of the big bronze bell, mobilizing his magic power and preparing to refine this Nuo Ancestor alive!
Defeating the six Nuo Ancestors has shocked the world, bloodyly exposing the truth about the Nuo method, and achieving his goal of restoring the Qi Master.
“But just doing this is not the act of Xu Ying who crossed the sea with me. That Xu Ying will definitely kill Nuo Zu after he has done all his evil deeds.”
As Nuo Ancestor, Nuo Fan has accumulated too many fairy medicines. It is not easy to refine such a being to death. But Xu Fu just wanted to give it a try and turn Nuo Fan into flying ash!
Three days later, a bell suddenly rang, and Nuo Fan under the bell turned into a wisp of flying ash, and his body and soul were destroyed!
Xu Fu stood up and looked around, only to see that no one was around. The cracks in the sky disappeared, the abyss disappeared, and only the broken limbs and broken arms were left floating in the sky.
Most of the caves that were cut down, except those that fell into the abyss, were taken away by others.
There are also some scattered in the mountains of Kunlun, no one collects them, and they gradually become dim.
In the sky, only the Jianggong Cave of Nuozu Nuofan still shone brightly, brighter than the sun.
In the past three days, those fisherman Jiucaiguo went to hunt down the other five Nuo ancestors, but no one dared to look back and attack this Jianggong Cave.
Xu Fu put away the Jianggong Cave and whispered: “Xu Jun, do you know that when I saw your magical power, I was shocked to the heavens? Today, I used your magical power to achieve this step! Hehe , Nuo method”
He stood up staggeringly, stood alone on the Abbot Fairy Mountain, and flew towards Kunlun below, his black robes fluttering backwards with dried blood.
“I have seen heaven and man before, how can I allow the Nuo method to pollute the heaven and man? Mr. Xu, today I rectify the name of Qi Refining. From today on, there will be no more Nuo method in the world!”
Yuxu Peak has become much quieter. Most of the Qi Refiners, Nuo Masters and Nuo Immortals have left this mountain. Some are depressed and return to their hometowns. Some go to other sacred mountains in Kunlun to find their own immortal fate.
The six Nuo ancestors and the ancient strong men